PUBLISHED: 6:05 PM 15 Jan 2018

Democrats Blame Trump For Clinton Act, Public’s Terrified Reaction “No Time” Claimed

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Tulsi Gabbard, a Hawaiian politician, voiced disappointment that President Donald Trump didn't make a statement on the fake message before the scare was over. Though it only lasted 10 minutes, at least this is a rational, if somewhat silly, thing to complain about in this situation.

Tulsi Gabbard, a Hawaiian politician, voiced disappointment that President Donald Trump didn’t make a statement on the fake message before the scare was over. Though it only lasted 10 minutes, at least this is a rational, if somewhat silly, thing to complain about in this situation.

On Saturday, a simple message sent Hawaii into a frenzy of chaos, confusion, and fear, and went a long way towards undermining the social order of the small island state.  That message was simply this: Emergency Alert – BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.  That message was sent to over a million people across the island, who assumed that they were under attack from the deranged North Korean dictator and that they had minutes to live.

Obviously, Hawaii is still there, and there’s a reason that our news isn’t inundated with articles about how Hawaii was destroyed during President Donald Trump’s presidency.  Instead, the mainstream media has seized on the story to blame President Trump for the fact that the Emergency Management Agency in Hawaii sent out a mistaken (or fake) message warning residents and visitors of an impending missile threat.  In doing so, they’ve completely ignored the role that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama played.

It’s hard to understand how it could be President Donald Trump’s fault, though, for a variety of reasons.  The first reason, and probably the biggest one, is that the EMA is a state-level agency in Hawaii.  It does receive some funding from the federal government, but its operation is entirely in the hands of the Hawaiian government.  So from the hiring of the employee who made this mistake to the lack of fail-safe measures in place to ensure that this incident couldn’t have happened, Hawaii is responsible.

In other words, the only one that the state of Hawaii has to blame for the terrifying episode that convinced citizens they were soon to be the first casualties in a nuclear war with an unhinged Asian dictator, is the state of Hawaii.  But that hasn’t stopped liberals from somehow finding ways to make the incident President Donald J. Trump’s fault.

Jamie Lee Curtis, a Hollywood star who is best known for her roles in horror movies such as Halloween, tweeted to the President that the panic in Hawaii was “on YOU. Is on YOUR ARROGANCE. HUBRIS. NARCISSISM.” Apparently, the only reason that the claims of an impending ICBM strike in Hawaii were believable was because President Donald Trump was in the oval office.  This is a strange stance, as Kim Jong Un and his father, Kim Jong Il, have been making threats of nuclear fire and brimstone for decades, and they have been treated as serious threats since the Clinton administration.

Jim Carrey, best known for being a comedian and for recent accusations that he played a role in the death of a lover (allegations which are still being litigated), also put his two cents in.  In a tweet, he talked about receiving the news on Saturday morning that he had ‘ten minutes to live’, and suggested that it is President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress and the Senate who are alienating the North Koreans.

Hollywood celebrities and other leftist stars are not the best sources of news or intelligent opinions on the history of the North Korea- American relationships.  If they were better informed, or a bit more honest, they’d be forced to admit that it was two Democrat presidents (Bill Clinton and Barack Obama) who allowed the small nation to build viable nuclear programs with no consequences.

However, while leftists may be making absurd claims concerning President Donald Trump’s culpability in the situation, there is room to criticize the President.  As Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, a congresswoman from Hawaii pointed out, the President was playing golf during the crisis, and because of this his response to the crisis was extremely slow. If President Trump had been at his White House, at Camp David, or even on Air Force One, he would have been able to confirm that no missile launch was detected by the U.S. Air Force, and could have made a televised emergency statement to tell Americans that the claim from the EMA was in error.

Other Hawaiian politicians had harsh words for the state-level agency that failed the state of Hawaii, however.  Senator Brian Schatz, a Democrat senator from Hawaii, said that “It’s totally unacceptable” that the agency failed like it did, and that “there was anxiety across the state and it was terrifying. There was a lot of unnecessary pain and anxiety. It’s important to have accountability at the state level and the emergency management level in terms of what exactly what went wrong.”

While leftist talking heads are busy trying to figure out ways to say that this is all President Donald Trump’s fault, they’re also working overtime ignoring that it was former-President Bill Clinton who allowed the North Koreans to openly develop nuclear technology and by the nuclear fuel now being used as explosives, and Obama who did nothing to slow their missile program.

The head of the Emergency Management Agency, Vern Miyagi, blamed the error on human error, stating that it was the result of an EMA employee who clicked the wrong message during a ‘routine’ drill that allegedly happens thrice daily. Perhaps the ‘routine’ drill needs to have better safeguards installed, to ensure that these accidents can’t happen again?

Whatever the left may think of President Donald Trump’s response to the mistaken message, it is in no way his fault that a Hawaiian agency sent out the message, nor that we live in a world where a nuclear missile from North Korea is a real possibility.  However, the left and the mainstream media just couldn’t imagine letting the story go without using it to denigrate President Trump.