Democrats Back Down

PUBLISHED: 6:12 PM 8 Feb 2019

Democrats Back Down: Whitaker Will Testify But Only After Subpoena Withdrawn

After a heated debate on whether acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker would testify with the threat of a subpoena, democrats on the House Judiciary Committee completely backed down and agreed to not issue a subpoena.

Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker forced democrats to bow to his demands.

This week, democrats on the House Judiciary Committee, and most notably the chairman Jerrold Nadler, bowed to the demands of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker and agreed not to issue a subpoena while Whitaker testifies before the committee.

Although Nadler acted as if he won the exchange, he completely backed down.

Whitaker is scheduled to testify today, and democrats wanted to create a ‘public spectacle’ of the event, thinking that with a threat of subpoena they would be able to hold Whitaker in contempt if he refused to answer any and all of their questions.

But “earlier in the day Thursday, the Justice Department sent the committee a letter demanding a commitment in writing that any subpoena not be used during the hearing, a promise that Mr. Nadler, Democrat of New York, initially would not give.”

However, Nadler caved in writing and verbally, agreeing not to issue a subpoena on or before Feb. 8, according to a Justice Department spokeswoman, Kerri Kupec.

“In light of that commitment, Acting Attorney General Whitaker looks forward to voluntarily appearing at tomorrow’s hearing and discussing the great work of the Department of Justice,” Ms. Kupec said.

Mr. Nadler originally told Mr. Whitaker that there would be “no need” for the subpoena if he came prepared to answer questions.

Nadler then bragged on Twitter that Whitaker would appear before the committee, omitting the fact that he bowed to the demands of Whitaker.

Representative Doug Collins shared Nadler’s submission letter “confirming there would be no subpoena tomorrow.”

Nadler was given authority to subpoena Mr. Whitaker if he did not answer all the questions during the hearing or if he chose to ignore the democrat summons.

Liberals want to question Whitaker about the special counsel and whether Sessions was replaced in order to ‘interfere’ with that witch hunt.

No mention of the House’s previous conclusion that there was no collusion, or the recent Senate confirmation that collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign was completely nonexistent.

Some leftists consider Mr. Whitaker’s appointment illegitimate.

“I hope not to have to use the subpoena,” Mr. Nadler said on Thursday. “Unfortunately, a series of troubling events over the last few months suggest that we should be prepared.”

“While Mr. Whitaker had agreed to testify voluntarily, the potential that Mr. Nadler could subpoena him in the middle of the hearing was essentially a threat to initiate contempt-of-Congress proceedings if Mr. Whitaker refused to answer questions without a legal right to balk.”

However, the Department of Justice’s response letter indicated that Whitaker might not testify before William P. Barr is confirmed as the next attorney general.

“We cannot understand this measure other than as an attempt to circumvent the constitutionally required accommodation process and thereby to transform the hearing into a public spectacle,” the department’s letter said.

Mr. Collins of Georgia called the subpoena “political theater,” and Whitaker agreed.

“The committee now has deviated from historic practice and protocol and taken the unnecessary and premature step of authorizing a subpoena to me,” Mr. Whitaker said, adding, “Political theater is not the purpose of an oversight hearing, and I will not allow that to be the case.”

Of course, mounting evidence proves there is no collusion on President Trump’s part, but growing evidence DOES point to collusion and entrapment by the Obama FBI, Justice Department, Adam Schiff, and the special counsel.

The fact that democrats are still beating this dead horse is indicative of what the next 23 months will be like.