Dem Governor Supports Illegal Act

PUBLISHED: 8:01 PM 12 Feb 2018

Democratic Governor Expresses Doubts Over GOP District Map

The Democrats are accused of gerrymandering the state.

The Democratic governor now holds the ultimate power to determine how much gerrymandering is too much.

Republican leaders rushed to get a new gerrymandering proposal submitted on Friday. The congressional districts of Pennsylvania were ordered by the state’s supreme court to be redrawn.

Resting on the decision of the Democratic governor, the future of Congress could be at stake.

Governor Wolf has until February 15 to decide if he is willing to accept the new plan. He has questioned whether the proposal will be enough.

The January ruling declared the 2011 congressional map was far too extreme in the gerrymandering. Voting along party lines, the Supreme court of Pennsylvania decided the map lines were bordering illegal.

The Republican-led state Congress was given only three weeks to create a proposal that would continue to deliver a Republican advantage and better represent the people. Submitting the new plan at the last minute, Democratic opponents have teased that it will not pass legal muster.

Pulling out every trick in the book, Democrats in multiple states have filed litigation in an attempt to redistrict their regions.

Hoping to win political advantage, Democrats are complaining the current maps are designed to oppress registered Democrats in various counties. The tensions have gotten so high, the Supreme Court of the United States is waiting to hear a couple cases on gerrymandering.

Pennsylvania’s state constitution does not clearly define restrictions on gerrymandering. The determination of the document’s legal strength is determined primarily by the political leaning of the commission overseeing the proposal.

 The 18 congressional districts of Pennsylvania will be updated. The key battleground state helped win the election for President Trump and could shape the outcome of the 2018 midterm congressional elections.

Earlier in the week, legislators tried to file an emergency appeal to Supreme Court of the United States. The appeal was denied leaving only a few days for the proposal to be presented to the governor.

State Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati and state House Speaker Mike Turzai came together in a joint statement to announce their agreement. Reaching a compromise and winning the support of the leadership, the proposal is one that was determined to meet the high court standards.

Designed with the constitution in mind, the proposal meets all the requirements demanded by the Supreme Court. Opponents have observed that it does fail one specification.

Without the approval of the legislative body, the proposal may be rejected by the state court. Due to the incredible timeline set, a vote in both branches could not be held.

Spokespeople for the new map assure that many issues have been addressed. Congressional lines dividing cities have been removed and greater continuity for the citizen is expressed.

Many independent and Democratic organizations have come forward offering their expertise on the map. Hoping to advise the governor, many groups are alleging the proposal was not the work of bipartisan efforts.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has offered to redistrict the map themselves if the new proposal does not meet their standards. With a majority, the five Democratic justices would be able to overpower the two Republican judges.

It has yet to be seen if some of the more outrageous districts have been reshaped. Until Republicans no longer control 13 of the 18 districts in Pennsylvania, the radical left will not be happy.

A nationwide gain of 24 seats will allow the Democratic party to win control of the House of Representatives. The general election, held in November, is going to be highly publicized as liberals band together to resist the president.

With no platform or economic policy to stand behind, the Democratic party is resorting to judicial overreach in order to win elections. After the president offered citizenship to 1.8 million Dreamers, many illegal immigrants are wondering if they should vote Republican in the fall.

Providing more money for many citizens with his tax cuts, President Trump feels he will be winning the vote of the American workers who will be seeing more money their pockets.

Receiving pay bonuses, or seeing a rise in wages, many people have seen an immediate effect of the tax reform. After filing for taxes this year, people will see an average increase of $2,000 being returned.

Taxes next year will have an even greater amount money being returned to the people as the full impact of the president’s policies is enacted. The president will continue to make America great, and drive the polls for the 2018 elections.