Florida Candidate’s Plan

PUBLISHED: 9:40 PM 12 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 10:52 PM 12 Jun 2018

Democratic Candidate Makes Threatening Promise To Attack Second Amendment

She believes she can overturn the second amendment in her first week in office.

A candidate for Florida governor believes that she can overturn the second amendment with her state-level executive order.

The gun control craze has brought out the worst in many liberals, especially in Florida. After the Parkland shooting, leftists in the state began using it to fight the second amendment and try to ban certain types of guns and accessories.

A democratic candidate for governor recently proved to be one of the worst of such people with her outrageous vow to abuse her sought-after executive order and a recently “found public safety statute” to ban what she considers ‘assault weapons.’

The offender in this liberal threat is former Florida representative Gwen Graham who served a mere one term from 2015 to 2017.

Her father is Bob Graham who served as both a Florida governor and senator.

Perhaps due to her Florida ties, Gwen Graham apparently believes to be some kind of second amendment expert, or at least in creating laws to repeal it.

On Saturday, in St. Petersburg, Florida, Graham participated in a debate with fellow democrats fighting to get their names on the ballot.

At one point when she had the floor, Graham made the follow ominous yet empty threat:

“My commitment to you is action, not words. I have found a public safety statute which allows the governor, whoever she may be, to sign an executive order for public safety reasons banning the sale of military assault weapons.”

Conservative translation: semi-automatics.

While she and others are fighting for soon-former Governor Rick Scott’s position, one might think that threatening to overturn the Constitution is not something a candidate would brag about, unless they are liberal, of course.

Graham took the most dramatic stance towards this, not only at the debate but also later on social media when she said “I’m not willing to wait until the next tragedy. As governor, I will sign executive orders to address gun safety in my first week.”

She also supports additional background screening and legislation such as extreme risk protection orders which can seize a person’s gun for virtually no reason.

Unsurprisingly, her platform also focuses on LGBT, women, and immigrant rights issues and is said to “end 20 years of republican rule in Florida.”

During her short term, Graham proved her corruptness when she supported banning firearms “to those on the secretive no-fly list.”

However, one of her most notable moves was in June 2016 when House democrats led by Georgia Representative John Lewis planned a sit-in which kept House members in a chamber meeting for over 18 hours.

They demanded fellow politicians to address gun control and said they would not leave until the topic was covered. Using the hashtag #NoBillNoBreak, they even jeered like children when Speaker Paul Ryan attempted to regain order.

Republicans later wrote the ordeal off as a ‘publicity stunt.’

Yet Graham is apparently no stranger to childish behavior as she brought the ‘activist’ children from Florida up in another tweet praising them and threatening the NRA.

She then commented on how the “gun lobby spent $300,000” to prevent her from being elected for a second Congressional term.

That appears to have been money well spent, as Graham is a threat to the second amendment in the already sensitive state of Florida and has expressed her desire to be a dictator and sign executive orders at will.

Executive director of the United Sportsmen of Florida and former NRA president Marion Hammer explained the insanity of a politician attempting to take away rights simply because they do not like them.

She demanded, “What other parts of the Constitution does she think she can override?”

The safety statute that Graham believes will make all of Florida’s gun violence go away is Florida Statute 14.022. Under it, the governor has authority to “take emergency action to quell violence.”

According to her logic, the Bill of Rights puts Florida in a state of emergency.

Yet that cannot be surprising considering that she supported former Vermont governor Howard Dean and former secretary of state John Kerry in their respective candidacies.

Saturday’s debate was said to have been an integral moment in “set[ting] Graham apart from the image of a nonprogressive democrat.”

In fact, it was said that creating their personas appears to have been the main focus for the candidates who also included the mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum; entrepreneur, Chris King; and former Miami Beach Mayor, Philip Levine.

Graham attempted to portray herself as the most suitable governor as she constantly relied on her father’s successes and that she is the only female candidate.

Thankfully, at least in regards to her executive order promise, King appeared to have the majority of the crowd’s support as he discussed legalizing marijuana, ending the death penalty, and implementing a tax on ammunition.

Graham has a long road ahead of her approaching the November election, and will still face a strong republican candidate if she makes it on the ballot.

However, the fight for gun control in Florida will continue regardless. Hopefully, the next liberal to suggest it does not think they can use their executive order to fight for it.