Not Enough Votes

PUBLISHED: 6:57 PM 12 Jan 2021

Democrat Senator Says Impeachment Votes Aren’t Available

Why even try such a thing… is it true that it’s just designed to keep Trump from running for office again?

Hmmm. (Source: Fox News YouTube Screenshot)

During an interview on Fox News’ Special Report with Brett Baier, Senator Joe Manchin (WV, democrat) said that there isn’t enough votes to convict and remove President Trump if the House again impeaches him.

Just The News reported:

While House Democrats are planning to pursue a vote on impeaching Trump, the West Virginia Democrat pointed out that many Republican senators would have to jump on board for the Senate to secure the 67 votes necessary for a conviction if the House votes to impeach.

“I don’t see that and I think the House should know that also. We’ve been trying to send that message over. They know the votes aren’t there,” Manchin said. “I think this is so ill-advised, for Joe Biden to be coming in, trying to heal the country, trying to be the president of all the people when we’re going to be so divided and fighting again,” he said.

“Let the judicial system do its job, Brett,” Manchin said. “Let the investigations go on, let the evidence come forth…There’s no rush to do this impeachment now. We can do it later if they think it’s necessary,” he said.

Manchin also indicated that even if the House passes impeachment, in the Senate “nothing would start until after Joe Biden” is inaugurated as the nation’s next president.