Schiff Gets Pranked

PUBLISHED: 12:05 AM 8 Feb 2018

Democrat Schiff Backtracks After Russian Prank About Trump Material Backfires

He was tricked!

This is humiliating for Schiff.

Democrat California Rep. Adam Schiff was spoofed by Russian pranksters who told him they had compromising information on President Donald Trump.

Desperate to find anything to bolster his shoddy Russia investigation, Schiff was told over the phone by the pranksters they had naked photographs of Trump with Russian model Olga Buzova.

The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee received the phone call in early 2017 from Russian pranksters, who he believed were leaders in Ukrainian’s Parliament claiming to have “dirt” on Trump.

They also reportedly told Schiff on the phone that Russian president Vladimir Putin knew about the disparaging photos, leading Schiff to likely salivate over the idea that Putin had blackmail on Trump.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the pranksters are “comedians nicknamed Vovan and Lexus” who have become famous for “their phony calls to high-ranking American officials and celebrities.”

The call, which can be heard in the YouTube video below, begins with Schiff thanking the pranksters for taking his call.

They then tell Schiff they want to provide his committee with the “kompromat” – compromising dirt – on Trump to help bolster his Russia investigation.

Schiff warned that the Russians would be listening to the call, but the pranksters continued to give Schiff the fake information.

They told Schiff they were in possession of naked photographs of Trump, which he claimed were taken when he was having an affair with Buzova in 2013.

“She got compromising materials on Trump after their short relations,” they said to Schiff.

Schiff replied: “OK, and what’s the nature (of the material)?”

“Well, there were pictures of naked Trump,” the pranksters said, convincing Schiff that Putin was aware of the photos and was likely using them to blackmail Trump.

“Obviously we would welcome the chance to get copies,” Schiff said.

To be clear, this was a prank. The photos do not exist and there’s no evidence of an affair. But Schiff is so desperate to keep the Russia probe alive, he collided with a foreign government to take down Trump.

But his actions raise questions about obstruction of justice and colluding with Russia to undermine an investigation in the United States.

Schiff‘s actions have already promoted GOP lawmakers to call for him to recuse himself as the ranking Democrat on the committee amid this embarrassing development.

He didn’t just fall for a prank; he tried to collude with a foreign government to gather evidence to derail our duly elected president.

If lawmakers truly care about collusion and breaking the law, they can start by holding Schiff accountable.

Source: U.K. Daily Mail