Dem Winner Investigated

PUBLISHED: 4:09 PM 29 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 5:40 PM 29 Aug 2018

Democrat Nominee For Florida Gov. Candidate Under Investigation

The Sanders-backed Democrat who won Tuesday's primary for Governor of Florida is currently under federal investigation.

Democrat candidate for Governor of Florida is currently under federal investigation.

Tallahassee Democrat Mayor Andrew Gillum pulled the upset on Tuesday and won Florida’s Democratic primary. Now, he will face-off against Republican primary winner Rep. Ron DeSantis — the conservative firebrand who has been endorsed by President Donald Trump — in the general election to be the state’s next governor.

But while Democrats are celebrating Gillum’s victory, he’s currently under federal investigation for reportedly lying to investigators and giving taxpayer money to a friend who previously served as his campaign manager. As Democrats jumped for joy that their candidate won Tuesday, a new round of subpoenas had already been delivered in the corruption probe.

In 2015, the FBI launched an investigation into Tallahassee’s city hall and top government officials as part of an ongoing corruption probe. A portion of the federal investigation pertains to Gillum and his longtime campaign manager, whose restaurant reportedly illegally received tax money.

Gillum — who is also under heavy fire for not reporting over $400,000 in mortgage debts on his financial disclosure forms — and his campaign manager have been hit with subpoenas regarding the probe in allegedly funneling money to his restaurant.

Gillum’s spokesman said the Tallahassee mayor made an “accidental mistake” by not following federal law and accurately filing out his financial disclosure forms.

Even if it was a mistake, it still paints a picture for many that Gillum has trouble following the law, being honest, and has repeatedly been connected to illegal activity in recent years.

Gillum, a self-described socialist who has been backed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, will be facing off against DeSantis, who has represented Florida’s 13th District since 2013 and has the full backing of Trump.

With the race drawing national attention and Gillum being the new celebrity superstar of the Left, the media has largely refused to report on the face that he is under federal investigation.

Whether it’s failing to legally disclose over $400,000 in mortgage debt on his disclosure forms or being investigated by the FBI for being connected to his campaign manager allegedly illegally receiving tax money — there’s a pattern showing Gillum has a shady past.

As both political parties are gearing up for a major showdown for control of Florida’s governorship, many voters care deeply about Gillum’s ties to a federal probe.

Some might argue that he can’t be trusted to oversee the state’s finances and ethically run the state when he has landed himself in legal trouble twice in the last two years.

In a way-too-early to matter poll, DeSantis currently has a 3-point lead over Gillum.

This race will undoubtedly draw national attention and be very important in November’s general election, and Trump will more than likely make voters aware of Gillum’s shady actions and being investigated by federal officials.