Muslim Rep Mocks Pence

PUBLISHED: 6:07 PM 17 Dec 2018

Democrat Muslim Mocks VP Pence For Christianity

Apparently, it’s just fine to mock the religion of others, as long as it’s mocking Christianity.

Newly elected Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar made fun of Mike Pence being a christian on Twitter.

Representative Elect for the United States Ilhan Omar took to twitter to mock the beliefs of Vice President Mike Pence.

The offensive tweet, however, pretty much backfired, with scores of individuals condemning her for her callous humor and others pointing out that if the tables had been turned, the outcry from the left would be deafening.

The tweet was one of many that made fun of Pence’s silence and calm during a White House meeting between President Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer.

The meeting regarded the funding for a border wall, and despite the liberal hostility, Pence seemed unfazed.

After critics accused Omar of mocking Pence’s unmovable Christianity, she offered no clarification for the tweet.

The caption, “Jesus take the wheel!” is the title of a popular Carrie Underwood song, and is typically employed when a Christian feels overwhelmed or exasperated.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, Omar may not have demonstrated her own bigotry and religious prejudice, she may have simply been parroting the hate and derision for believers that is common among leftists.

Ray Johnson of defended the post:

Representative Omar tweeted out a photo of Vice President Pence sitting with his eyes closed with the caption, “Jesus Take The Wheel”.  I thought that was really funny and the reason it was funny was that it was probably true!

I don’t believe that Representative Omar meant anything anti-Christian about it and if I was sitting in there, I would have probably been thinking that same thing and praying that we can all take a deep breath and recognize the humor in the world and not take everything as a personal attack or that our fellow Americans are our enemies.

Johnson probably doesn’t recognize that most people understand humor has been destroyed by leftists.

Everything offends someone…. Somewhere.

Yet, this seems to go beyond simple joking. What if Mike Pence had created a tweet showing Omar next to a group of angry Muslims stoning someone who blasphemed, or broke Sharia law in some other trifling manner?

Would that have been allowed on Twitter? Hardly.

The message learned here is: Christians are fair game for any hate-filled jerk, especially if that jerk is a female democrat.