PUBLISHED: 7:15 PM 14 Apr 2017

Democrat Mayor Learns Of San Francisco’s Fate, Vetoes Liberal Bill She Previously Promised


Baltimore Mayor Pugh has betrayed her promise to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Recently, when Donald Trump altered his stance on NATO once they complied with his two requests (that they pay their share and fight terrorism first), the Democrat’s smelled blood in the water and called Trump a liar. Meanwhile, a Democrat who actually got elected on a Bernie Sanders platform, and managed not to get cheated, is now finding that keeping her word will ruin the city that chose her. In this instance, Baltimore Mayor and lefty favorite, Catherine Pugh, smelled change in the air and ran a campaign promising $15 an hour as a minimum wage. Now, it seems that City Council and others are saying that if this is done, it will cause patrons to flee to cheaper rates just past city limits, crashing the Baltimore economy.

Now Pugh has vetoed the measure, a move that is going to infuriate the Democrats that supported her. The platform was called “FIGHT FOR 15” and it was made up of those working very hard and making very little. The common accusation on the right is that if people would prove themselves worth more, then they would make more. This would be true, it once was actually, but outsourcing has now sent such a high volume of good jobs away that there is no place to work up from. San Fransisco saw this happen to their economy after such a move and that city is still reeling from the blow.

Workers cheated by outsourcing, NAFTA, and H1N1 visas have a right to be angry, but what they demand is only going to make it worse.

This is a problem that Republicans are just as guilty of causing as the Democrats are and it is also one of the reasons why the people voted in such strong numbers for Mr. Trump. If America is going to not have a high base rate (minimum wage), then how is the workforce going to obtain better standards? There is no job to work up from in a business or company that is no longer in the country. If retail stores, coffee shop jobs, and fast food burger flipping has replaced labor, manufacturing, and business, that is not the worker’s fault. It is NAFTA’s fault, to be clear.

When this happens, Robin Hood’s like Pugh step in and, rather than address trade deals, take the Democrat route and start handing out free money by mandate. Donald Fry, the CEO of the Greater Baltimore Committee called “FIGHT FOR 15” a move that “threatened jobs” because it is going to cause patrons to flee to more economic areas to eat, shop, and spend capital. Now the real hardcore socialists will say that to curb this, the federal government needs to make $15 the national average, but all that will do is cause the whole economy to crash instead of just Baltimore’s. Venezuela is seeing how poor this idea works even as we speak. The root problem still remains that greedy business owners were allowed to outsource the real $15 an hour jobs away and now the workforce is starving while those CEO’s eat prime rib, so to speak.


NAFTA has seen American’s making MUCH less than what they had earned prior to the horrid trade deal.

The New American points out that when Washington D.C. raised the minimum wage like this, it caused 2,000 new jobs to appear – OUTSIDE OF D.C! In the city, hotels, restaurants, and everything else imaginable took a hit that many will never recover from. The higher wages meant that, rather than take less profit for themselves, the owners charged more. For owners that were simply greedy, they may have “deserved” to go under, according to the rules of capitalism. However, those smaller places where the owners could NOT take less and still live had no choice but to up the prices. This meant that a dinner in Washington D.C. was more pricey than the same dinner just five minutes or so away, so the cheaper route was chosen. This is what socialism brings.

Chicago did this, too, and the hotel industry there crashed and many lost their jobs. No one could stomach the new rates so they stayed elsewhere. It is not that hard to drive out of Chicago to stay if the room is $40 less, after all. The Congressional Budget office says that when rates went to ten dollars an hour to help the poor, 500,000 of them lost their jobs. That is Big Government in action, as seen also by Ed Rensi, McDonald CEO who said, “I guarantee you if a $15 minimum wage law is passed, you’re going to see a job loss like you can’t believe.” Then again, considering that chemical laden food of questionable quality makes them a fortune, they may be a bad example of this.


Why should India get our best high tech jobs?

For every Ronald McDonald that can afford to make a million or two less and still squeak by, there are a million little “mom and pop” shops that can not. American workers want the two car garage and two cars to go into it. The want a job wage that allows for a vacation or two a year for the whole family, paid holidays off, and a chance to live as their grandparents did. That is the problem, too. It has been our grandparents, not us, not those alive and striving every day to better themselves. We now live in a nation that has sent those jobs to countries who work their people like slaves. Who can blame the American worker for wanting a $15 an hour for working retail when there is nowhere else to work at all?

The answer is stop allowing H1-B visa’s to go to anyone until the jobs in question are filled by Americans, first. Then, if there is a hole of some kind, certainly fill it. We are not doing that, but rather, we are doing the complete opposite. The U.S. has embraced a practice of inviting foreigners in for high-tech and/or high paying jobs because it is cheaper to hire them than Americans. We actually fly them in from places like India and Pakistan. How long can any country be expected to have a decent life in such a skewed environment? It is this kind of greed which needs to be stopped and disallowed if America is going to be the great economy that Trump has promised. Sadly, while the left tries everything else imaginable in order to not address H-1B numbers and outsourcing, we are going to see things get much worse.

BEDMINSTER TOWNSHIP, NJ - NOVEMBER 20: President-elect Donald Trump walks out at the clubhouse at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in Bedminster Township, N.J. on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Donald Trump was elected to stand behind America and to fix it’s economy by means far better than Democrats suggest.