PUBLISHED: 10:56 PM 8 Dec 2017

Democrat Governor Bows To LGBTQ Agenda As “Non-Binary Community” Controls Department

Washington state officials are deciding on whether or not to engage in mass delusion, or help those in need. They are leaning toward engaging delusion.

Washington state officials are deciding on whether or not to engage in mass delusion, or help those in need. They are leaning toward engaging delusion.

Washington state has decided to engage the mentally ill in their mass delusion. The state is considering allowing people to change the sex on their birth certificates based on their imaginary perceived gender. Washington is considering adding an X option to the M and F options currently available. This is meant to serve those who actually believe there are 63 genders, and they don’t fall into the two, male or female ones that are real.

The science on sex has long since been settled, if you are born with two X chromosomes, congratulations, you are a female, and those born with X and Y chromosomes, are male.

If a man wants to parade around and pretend to be a woman, he certainly has every right to do so, if in bad taste. Likewise, if a woman wants to dress like a man and act like one, she is free to do so. People are free to engage in whatever fantasies they would like; however, they should not be able to compel others to engage in their lunacy.

Women and men are biologically different, and in general, society recognizes this. That’s why the National Football League does not put women on the field to play against men. It is the reason the Women’s National Basketball Association exist. Women competing with men in sports can be dangerous for them. Men have significantly more muscle mass and higher bone density.

On the left is Bruce Jenner who won the Olympic decathlon gold medal. On the right is Bruce Jenner in a dress. A male is featured in both images.

The idea that because a man dons a dress, he should be allowed into the ladies showering and bathrooms at the gym is absurd. That would be disrespectful to women, and an invasion of their privacy. Men who feel like they are women have no business in any facilities specifically designed for actual women.

Medical professionals outside of the psychological profession should not engage in their fantasies either. It should be illegal for doctors to cut these people up and disfigure them for life. Chopping off a man’s phallus and leaving him with an open wound is disturbing, especially when you tell him it is a vagina. Carving up women and saddling her with a skin bag is disgusting, and telling her it’s a penis is absurd.

The state should certainly not promote the behavior of these mentally ill individuals by denying the reality of their sex. No amount of playing dress up, no amount of surgery, and regardless of your feelings, your chromosomes will always be the same, and they will always reflect your sex. One’s birth certificate should represent that reality.

Jason on the left, impregnated Nicole, on the right. It’s a strange world we live in.

Washington may have good intentions, but the state is not doing any favors to those suffering from mental illness. Gender dysphoria is a serious mental health issue. Those suffering from Gender dysphoria believe their gender does not align with the biological makeup of their body. Not affording these people the psychological help they desperately need results in dire consequences.

The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital conducted a study on these mentally ill individuals and the results are concerning. According to the study, “30% of transgender youth report a history of at least one suicide attempt, and nearly 42% reveal a history of self-injury, such as cutting.” The study also concluded that, “58% had at least one additional psychiatric diagnosis in addition to gender dysphoria.”

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, “Cross-dressers assigned male at birth have the lowest reported prevalence of suicide attempts among gender identity groups (21%).” That means the best-case scenario is a 21% suicide attempt rate for these disturbed individuals. These figures are an indication this group of people is in need of help, not enablers.

This is a helpful chart for anyone who finds the issue to be confusing.

The Washington state Department of Health should concern itself with the actual health concerns that affect these people. Changing their sex on their birth certificates is counter-productive to finding a real solution to the issue. It makes it impossible for the state to address the problem if they refuse to acknowledge there is one.

People are free to act in any manner they see fit as long as they are not violating anyone’s rights. People should also be able to identify in anyway they see fit. Our governments should not, however, recognize delusions disconnected from reality as a matter of fact.