Drunken-Sounding Rant By Top Dem

PUBLISHED: 11:56 PM 14 Feb 2018

Democrat Goes On Drunken-Sounding Rant, Ranking Member Has To Be Rescued From Slurred Speech

Even other Democrats couldn’t keep from laughing.

Jack Reed, a Democrat Senator from Rhode Island, made an absurd showing at an annual committee meeting. He seemed drunk, slurred his words, and appears to have been incapable of understanding that some things were best not said in public.

It’s long been joked about that Senators and Congressmen were able to work drunk.  After all, for the majority of their workday, they simply sit silent, waiting their turn to make some quick rehearsed comment.

But one Senator managed to not just come off as inebriated, but also to make ridiculous demands concerning what information he should be given about the operations of these intelligence agencies in a PUBLIC session of Congress.

Senator Jack Reed, a Democrat Senator from Rhode Island, made a scene live on C-SPAN 3 while he was questioning intelligence leaders.

The questioning came during an annual hearing on global threats to American national security.

Reed, who seemed to be slurring his words a bit, demanded to know what the intelligence agencies were doing to identify threats.

Reed went on to ask if the Russian government was being specifically targeted, as they’re obviously such a threat to American interests, especially the upcoming election.

This isn’t so much a question seeking an honest answer as it is an attempt by Jack Reed to push the nonsensical ‘Russian collusion’ talking point that has persistently been a Democrat favorite for the last few months.

It’s just a cheap and petty attempt to inject that nonsense into an important annual threat assessment discussion, and to try and paint Donald Trump’s administration as if it were being soft on Russia due to some sort of collusion.

For most of the time that Reed was allowed to talk, he pushed the usual DNC talking points.  However, as he went on, he began to demand answers from the intelligence representatives.

These answers are not just simple answers to vague questions like “do we have some sort of plan in place to ensure no hacking in the upcoming election,” however.

Instead, Jack Reed began to ask specific questions about specific policies, only to be given vague answers that wouldn’t reveal what the intelligence agencies were doing.

As he continued to talk, Reed appeared to slur his words more and more, and to begin to lose track of the conversation.

The Director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo,  even told Senator Reed that they had a “significant effort” underway and that he would be more than happy to inform the Senator about it in a closed session or private discussion.

Still, Senator Reed could not get the hint through his seemingly drink-addled mind that these intelligence agency directors and heads, many of whom have years of work with classified materials under their belt, were trying to not divulge ongoing operations on public television.

The head of the NSA, Navy Admiral Michael Rogers, did go so far as to tell Senator Reed that he had in no way been instructed to “blunt” or otherwise go soft on Russia concerning cybersecurity operations.

Senator Reed continued on, blathering about investment in artificial intelligence and quantum computing, two concepts which he seems to know little to nothing about.

Of course, he doesn’t have to know much in order to ask if we are going to ‘match’ the Chinese efforts in these realms.

Once again, the intelligence agency leaders commented that they would be more comfortable discussing specifics in a closed session.

Finally, the head of the ODNI, Dan Coats, had to tell Senator Reed that the discussion he was hoping, needed to be held in a closed session or in private.

Even Reed’s own political allies were laughing at his ridiculous statements and seeming obvious inebriation.  Kamala Harris and Joe Manchin were doing their level best to stifle laughs at the expense of their fellow party member.

Dan Coats shut down Reed’s rambling nonsense by saying that just like with the Manhattan Project that Reed wouldn’t stop talking about, the heads of the intelligence agencies were fine with providing the specific answers that Reed was looking for.

They just had no desire to do it in a public forum being broadcasted and recorded on C-SPAN 3.

Most worrying of all, Senator Reed, Democrat from Rhode Island, sits on the Armed Services Committee as the ranking member.

That means that the man who didn’t seem to be able to understand that a public hearing was the wrong place to discuss sensitive matters, is the same person who is the ranking Democrat sitting on the legislative committee that oversees the Armed Forces.

It is not wrong to wonder whether or not, had Jack Reed been in power at the time, he would have leaked information about the Manhattan Project as well.

A wise man once said that people couldn’t go to work drunk; after all, they weren’t pilots.  Perhaps it’s time for certain politicians to see their way to sobriety, or to resign if they are incapable of coming across as sober.