PUBLISHED: 12:23 AM 21 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 5:35 PM 21 Jan 2018

Democrat DREAMER Scheme Revealed, New Information Sheds Light On True Design

Bryan Zormeier by

The House of Representatives was able to pass a funding bill last night that did not include legalization of dreamers.

The House of Representatives was able to pass a funding bill last night that did not include legalization of dreamers.

The government has been lying to the American people about the number of illegal migrants they are willing to protect. The political debate over the Dreamers currently threatening to shut the government is fueled by the desire to nationalize 3.6 million illegal immigrants. Many legislatures and advocates point to the 800,000 illegal residents granted immediate protection by Obama’s illegal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Referred to as dreamers because of the Dream Act legislation that was proposed in 2001 and never passed Congress, the proposal encompasses a much greater group of people than previously thought. The 3.6 million people who arrived in the United States as minors, under the age of 16, would be granted protection as a DACA recipient.

Roughly one-third of identified illegal migrants in the country would gain citizenship overnight if the Dream Act were to pass. The Migration Policy Institute recognizes about 11 million illegals criminally residing within the United States. The institute also recognizes there could be up to twice as many illegals within the country who have not been identified.

3.6 million illegals included in the Dream Act, would be placed on a road to citizenship. The number does not include the immediate family of the minors who were trafficked into the country. The Democrats in Congress are holding out on government funding until these criminals are given citizenship.

One contentious element of the legislation is the inclusion of the chain migration. President Trump has taken a firm stance against the legislation. The process would provide an endless chain of family members to be sponsored by the new citizens.

Originally the Republicans had asked for stricter immigration standards and appropriations for a wall. By ending the visa lottery program, more people could enter the country and bring with them skills equipped to support themselves. Asking for the consideration of a merit-based system, the president would like people granted entry based on merit and assimilation needs.

The original legislation drafted was turned down by the president. President Trump recognized there were too many concessions made. Trying to get both parties to act at the behest of Americans, the president was not going to see legislation that would not make America great.

Now that the government is hours away from shut down, the Democrats are forcing Republicans to add the legalization of the Dreamers. The 800,000 children the media has been wailing about have been taken off the table. Protests asking for the legalization of all 3.6 million people and their families have been plaguing the capital city while debate continues over funding of the government.

Dreamers protest for legislatures to pass a clean dream act on the precipice of a government shutdown.

Created in 2012, the DACA legislation named protection for the immigrants no older than 30 who arrived before the age of 16. Work visas and a two-year protection were given to people under DACA. The program could be renewed after two years and eventually lead to citizenship.

Of the multiple proposals submitted to the houses of Congress, most plans include protection for millions of dreamers. The most liberal allows citizenship for 3.5 million, excluding only the most violent. The most conservative plan includes the protection of only the 798,980 approved DACA recipients.

The House of Representatives was able to pass a bill late last night to fund the government for a month. Dubbed the Schumer Shutdown, the Senate minority leader may be able to sway lawmakers to shut the government down without the protections for the illegals.

With a bill to provide funding waiting to be signed, the democratic party appears ready to hurt the working class and federal employees of the United States. The government could be funded until March without much debate taking place.

DACA protection status begins to end March 5th. Rather than using the month of February to host talks and negotiations to contrive comprehensive immigration reform, opponents of the president are prepared to get solutions now.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has announced on multiple occasions they do not target DACA members or their family. After March 5th, if an agreement has not been reached and the Ninth Circuit courts have not ruled on the issue, ICE may begin doing so without repercussion.