Dem Demands More Cheating

PUBLISHED: 6:08 PM 16 Mar 2021

Democrat Demands Corporations Help Leftists Cheat, Steal More Elections

Fight against voter integrity laws? Seriously?

What?! (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Democrats are not content with rigging elections at the current level. Now, one is calling for Chinese-controlled corporations to help fight election integrity.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Democrats are now threatening companies in Georgia to support illegal ballot harvesting, unregulated absentee voting, and mail-in voting in the state of Georgia.

Democrats know the only way the stand a chance to win is if they cheat.

And do they ever cheat!

Georgia Activist LaTosha Brown called for canceling the GOP live on CNN today.

Brown and Democrats are pushing corporations to stop funding any politician who does not vote in accordance with Democrat policies.

Democrats are warning local corporations to get in line or face the wrath of the left.