Dems Admit They'll Steal

PUBLISHED: 1:27 PM 1 Sep 2020
UPDATED: 5:31 PM 1 Sep 2020

Democrat Data ‘Agency’ Flat Out Admits They Will Steal 2020 Election

They aren’t even trying to hide it.

Yep. Clear as a bell. (Source: CBS News YouTube Screenshot)

Have you ever wondered why the propaganda media continues to post these obviously false ‘polls’ that claim Biden is in a dead heat with President Trump for support?

Anyone with a shred of intelligence can look at the rock-star size crowds Trump garners—the caravans, flotillas, and actual Trump merchandise stores that have suddenly cropped up—versus the meager, brain-dead group of Biden supporters he draws and know that these polls are 100% BS.

Yet, they still push them.

Maybe you think that it’s designed to encourage their base, while discouraging the opposition?

That may be part of the reason… but not the real underlying one.

And, consider that just a few days ago, Hillary Clinton ordered (advised) Biden not to concede the election for any reason… under any circumstances.


Because democrats plan to steal the electionALL of the elections that will happen in November.

Everything that has occurred over the last 8 months has been done with that goal in mind—COVID shut downs, riots, killings, releasing prisoners—all designed to generate the chaos needed to literally interfere and steal the presidential election.

Now, they’re actually admitting it.

Hawkfish, a democrat political data agency has told Axios that although Donald Trump will win in a landslide on election night, Biden will take office after all the “postal” votes have been counted.

Now, how could he possibly know that… unless democrat operatives will be ballot stuffing, throwing away conservative votes, and fraudulently voting?

The Daily Mail reported:

The CEO of Michael Bloomberg’s political data and tech agency warned in an interview that will air Monday of mass chaos on Election Night as it appears Donald Trump is poised for another victory.

Josh Mendelsohn, CEO of Hawkfish, revealed the firm has a ‘red mirage’ model, which predicts the results come November.

‘The reason we talk about a red mirage is in fact because we believe that on election night we are going to see Donald Trump in a stronger position than the reality actually is,’ Mendelsohn told Axios on HBO in an interview that will air Monday evening.

He claimed that the unconventional factors for Election Day this year, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, are setting the stage for potential chaos.

[This was planned all along. Democrats and Communist China hated the booming economy the president created, and could have released the virus anytime, but deliberately waited until this election to do so…. So they could steal the election.]

Mendelsohn said while it may appear on November 3 that Trump is the victor, it’s likely the true results won’t be known for days as an unusual amount of mail-in ballots will be used this election in lieu of turning up in-person to vote.

The firm predicts that after the mail-in ballots are accounted for, Democratic candidate Joe Biden will actually be revealed as the winner.

President Trump has constantly railed against universal mail-in voting as Democrats push for the measure as coronavirus continues to pose a threat to some demographics – like the elderly, ill and immunocompromised.

The president claimed mail-in voting will cause higher instances of fraud, and has insisted it would disproportionately benefit Democrats in November.

[His claims are backed up by the truth, though.]

Hawkfish is a political data and technology agency founded by former New York City mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

The firm was founded in the spring of last year in an effort to support, ‘Democratic candidates, good causes, and common sense solutions.’

So… what we all need to do NOW is get everyone we know registered to vote and make sure that they vote on election day.

I have always believed that democrats were only thwarted in electing corrupt Hillary because records numbers of people who have never voted before, flooded the polls and the cheating scheme failed simply because democrats had no idea how many fake votes and stuffed ballots they would need. (And, of course, this was due to the miraculous power of Almighty God, who intervened to save his children.)

We cannot allow the forces of darkness to destroy the peace and prosperity given to God’s people in this nation… there is no doubt the “principalities” are working overtime to destroy the freedoms, under God, we have in this country… along with the law and order that prevents unspeakable horrors from ruling our land.

So let us all pray that this cheating plan fails… and let’s all vote on Nov. 3.

God bless President Trump… and God bless and save the United States.