GOP Racist ‘Signs’

PUBLISHED: 8:53 PM 14 May 2018

Democrat Creates Mother’s Day Ad Warning of Republican ‘Signs’

Pro-life is apparently racist an intolerant according to this far leftist.

Steyer's work was almost funny but still devoid of facts.

Recently, a doltish professor suggested that a baby should be asked before their diaper is changed. While it may sound funny (and is), it shows the flaws in reasoning which leftists champion as ‘progress.’ So does the fact that certain “signs” may make someone an “evil” Republican, as CNS News reported today.

Bullying others, “stealing, and racism” are some of the signs, according to “a video by billionaire liberal activist Tom Steyer’s NextGen America. The warning is for mothers (because we all know that fathers don’t matter to the left) and is created to look like a public service announcement. The fact that bullying made the list in this “parody” from a leftist billionaire is extra-laughable since standing against it is a flagship cause for Mrs. Melania Trump, America’s Republican First Lady. Still, in the make-believe world of the average liberal, this is what many of them believe.

The video mimics the “signs of drug use” PSA’s that are all too common today and the narrator says, “This Mother’s Day, talk to your child about the GOP. I wish I had.” The mother then slams a martini after she understands that the son is marching with torch-bearing racists, which the video implies that all G.O.P members are. They are “his friends” in college.

What if all liberals were portrayed as God-hating, baby-killing monsters? Or a video of Nancy Pelosi and Obama wielding whips on slaves were made? Would there be outrage? Absolutely.

CNS writes that signs are ”

  • Her son with an anti-immigrant quote: “Go back to where you came from.”
  • A “less fortunate” middle school student being beaten up and robbed in a school hallway,
  • Her son holding up an anti-abortion “Baby Killer” sign,
  • Her son carrying a “Trump” shirt in his laundry basket, and
  • White supremacists marching with torches

This, of course, negates the existence of pro-choice conservatives like Tommi Lahren and many libertarian republicans. Suggesting that republicans rob people is just slander and the opposite of what G.O.P. tax plans actually do. The video is an attempt at being funny… a pretty poor one.

As for the sign that the “son” carried, most of the time, such signs are for those who came illegally. Republicans work to create jobs for legal American, not freeloading criminals.

The “Donald Trump” shirt in the basket, shown in the footage, was a needed snowflake connection to the torches, an act which in real-life the President has condemned in the strongest of terms.

Like “all” republicans, her “son” never had any real luck with women, even though he was bold enough to talk to them. In other words, if you love the Constitution, don’t expect to ever sex or to fall in love… or maybe this is a veiled dig at President Trump? Pretty stupid considering the women he’s married.

There is some good news, however. The like to dislike ratio on this “Mother’s Day” video shows that anchovies, dumpster diving, and smoking cigarette butts are better liked than this video.

Keep working like this leftists and 202o will be a snap!