Candy Crush SOTU Bust

PUBLISHED: 12:16 AM 2 Feb 2018

Democrat Congresswomen Caught Playing ‘Candy Crush’ During SOTU

This is how much her country and constituents mean to her.

More Democrats disrespecting Trump.

While President Donald Trump was calling for unity during his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, a Democrat was caught playing a game on her cell phone during the speech.

Democrat Rep. Brenda Lawrence of Michigan was caught by cameras in the chamber playing a game called Candy Crush during the president’s speech.

Obviously, this was far more important to Lawrence than unity, American prosperity, securing our borders, or any of the moments recognizing heroes who were honored throughout the night for heroic actions.

Her other colleagues can also be seen playing on their phones during the address.

Lawrence was captured by a Getty Images photographer at 9:42 p.m. ET, which was when Trump called on Democrats to join Republicans in working together to fix our crumbling infrastructure.

“The era of economic surrender is totally over. From now on, we expect trading relationships to be fair and, very importantly, reciprocal,” Trump said, pledging to “rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.”

Lawrence wasn’t the only Democrat who exhibited disrespectful behavior during Tuesday’s address.

As previously reported, Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois was seen on camera storming out of the chamber at the very moment the crowd began cheering “USA!”

Around the 40 second mark in the video, Gutierrez is seen getting out of his seat and leaving as soon as the pro-America chant began.

Whether it’s Gutierrez not fond of our pro-America agenda or his hatred for Trump’s tough stance on illegal immigration or Lawrence playing on her phone during the president’s call for unity to fix our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, this perfectly encapsulates how low disrespectful Democrats have become.

While Trump is fighting to secure our borders, create jobs, reduce illegal immigration, and keep our economy booming, Democrats like Gutierrez and Lawrence have made it clear they aren’t interested in that.

The American people will not forget Lawrence and Gutierrez’s disrespectful actions.

Source: Washington Examiner