PUBLISHED: 11:03 PM 22 Nov 2017

Democrat Caucus ‘Legend’ Claims “Racism,” At Conviction Begs Mercy For Scholarship Fund Theft

Corrine Brown was escortd to the courthouse where her entourage and herself attempted to persuade the court to go easy on her punishment for years of service.

Corrine Brown was escorted to the courthouse where her entourage and herself attempted to persuade the court to go easy on her punishment for years of service.

The image that the Democratic National Committee has represented as of late has begun to seriously tarnish the reputation of the political party of slavery.  The stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton as well the unrelenting push back against progressive ideologies has resulted in many people recognizing the Democrats for what they are, frauds, lairs, and freaks.  None better fit this description than convicted fraudster Corrine Brown who was sentenced in May but is calling for mercy as she feels she is persecuted unfairly because of racism.

Former Congresswoman and Congressional Black Caucus “Legend” Corrine Brown was convicted on 18 counts of fraud for stealing from the children in her district.  Rather than using the money for what it was supposed to go towards, youth scholarships, Brown decided it was more important for her to properly vacation with her daughter so they just took the money.  However, she does not find what she did wrong as she feels the only reason she has been convicted is because she is black.

This courtroom sketching reveals the contempt that Brown has for the court that convicted her of 18 counts of fraud. She claims that she was only convicted because she is black.

Her sentence is supposed to be released sometime in December but that has not stopped this women or those in her power from trying to get leniency from the judge.  Their attempts to convince the public that this woman has wrongfully been convicted is ridiculous to say the least, as they claim that she has does “undeniable good.”  They were vague in their answers and offered little to no rebuttal about the conviction brought against her, only stating that the conviction was racist.

Is that truly the best messages to send to those who view black leaders in America as role models for black or underprivileged youth?  If someone is caught doing something wrong then it is better to just beg for mercy and cry racism rather than admitting that what they did was wrong?  That has been the entire narrative produced by the left in the United States since Donald Trump became president, take no responsibility, deny everything, and blame someone else.

Is this really the sentiment and message that African-American leaders want to push to their voters and those who look to them for reassurance and guidance? Should all struggles be met with cries of racism rather than being truthful with one’s self about actions and behavior?

What the American people are ultimately left with is a woman who stole from the children she was supposed to be helping just to go on vacation, but is now claiming that justice is racist.  Brown and her associates have no idea as to the damage they have done to the community with their distrust and corruption, because they are using a scapegoat, that many suffer from truly around the world, as a means to avoid admitting they broke the law.

The Democrats have no concern for the actual image they put forth into the minds of impressionable voters.  They relentlessly preach for gender equality and class equality yet act in ways that only corrupt and rich people could act like.  A true ‘Democrat’ would never dream of ripping off their district but in actuality is just seems common place.

They are showing those who would listen to them that they do not need to answer for the wrong that they have done.  Instead of admitting that they were wrong and broke the law and were sorry they got caught, they turn the accusation around to let their crimes slide away.  Is that really the message that Democrats want to send to the youth of America, that blaming racists means that they do not have to answer for their crimes?

As the treachery and deceit of the Democrats is made clear with their attempts to steal and circumnavigate the laws, it shows that their message is simply to lie and blame others when they are caught.

A harsh sentencing here would truly send a message to both the establishment that condones this kind of ill-gotten behavior and the American people.  Someone who not only steals from children’s future, let alone someone who was elected to protect the interests of the children, should not be held in high regard to anybody, no matter what ‘good’ her supporters claim she did.  The fact of the matter is that this woman stole from children to enrich herself and is now blaming racism for getting caught.

True racism still exists in the world today and by letting anybody who feels persecuted cry “racism,” it belittles those who have actually experienced true racism.  Brown should come forward and announce that she acted maliciously and selfishly in her actions and that she regrets them.  The American people will know not to trust her, but by coming clean she can at least be forgiven.  Her own conscious would be better for it.