MAGA Hats Banned?

PUBLISHED: 6:27 PM 21 Jan 2019

Democrat Calls For MAGA Hat Ban While Free Thinker ‘Takes Names’ For Lawsuit

In the aftermath of the incident this weekend involving Covington Catholic HS students, one high school Junior is helping compile names for a slander lawsuit against the media and leftists who’ve doxed the kids, while a prominent democrat is calling for the ban of MAGA hats on teens.

Democrat John Yarmuth is calling for teens to lose their First Amendment rights.

House Budget Committee chair John Yarmuth, a democrat from Kentucky, called for a ban on MAGA hats on Sunday. He claims that teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to exercise First Amendment rights, and blamed Donald Trump for the incident this weekend.

However, a very young Republican from Georgia is fighting back against the fake news and is taking names of democrats, media news personalities, and other liberals who have slandered and doxed the children who were ambushed.

In an incident that went viral, a group of kids from Covington Catholic High School were approached and verbally attacked by a group of Native American protestors and others who have been identified as Black Israelites.

The kids were called names, and the protestor, Nathan Phillips, claimed they surrounded him and chanted ‘build the wall.’ The media quickly picked up on the carefully edited video tweets and social media posts, claiming that the “MAGA” hat kids were racist instigators.

However, when full video of the incident was revealed, it showed the exact opposite. The students were peacefully doing school cheers when they were ambushed.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped liberal celebrities like Jack Morrissey and Kathy Griffin from calling for the violent murder and assault of the Catholic teens.

And, now Yarmuth wants to ban teens from wearing MAGA hats, since that was the liberal narrative pushed before the real events were told.

He tweeted, “The MAGA hats are one of the most recognizable symbols of the 2016 Trump presidential campaign, and are commonly worn by Trump supporters.”

His comments were quickly trashed by followers, who blasted his lack of understanding of the First Amendment.

“Yarmuth, like every other member of Congress, swore an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution — including the First Amendment,” which states, “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech.”

In an effort to punish liberals who have repeatedly called for violence against the maligned kids, a young conservative, ‘free thinker’ has started a twitter campaign to collect names of the hate-filled slanderers.

C.J. Pearson has been described as the “left’s youngest nightmare,” and he is leading the charge to collect names of people who doxed the teens and called for them to be attacked, or murdered.

Many people hope that there will be a lawsuit, and it will hopefully teach these hate-filled and ignorant leftists that before they jump on a misinformation bandwagon and incite violence against children, they could face a lawsuit.

The outrage over this fabricated event shows just how savage America’s leftists are, and how ready to and willing to perpetuate violence over ‘offended feelings’ and destroy the constitution they are.