Democrat Messed Up

PUBLISHED: 4:27 PM 23 Jan 2019

Democrat Accidentally ‘Forgets’ Slavery, Social Media Erupts

The representative was quickly schooled by social media for claiming that it has never been legal for people to work for free in the United States.

Welch accidentally forgot about his party's history of slavery.

A Democrat from Vermont exposed himself to ridicule and derision on social media after apparently forgetting about slavery.

Although democrats were the party of slavery—and many people argue that given the state of liberal controlled cities, still are—Rep. Peter Welch was apparently so enamored with his own idea to ensure federal pay for the 800,000 workers that he took to social media with a claim that was rapidly mocked.

“Never in the history of this country has it been legal to make people work for free,” Peter Welch wrote in a tweet, “but that’s what’s happening to federal employees. This can never happen again.”

The ill-advised remarked was quickly pounced upon by media monitors, reminding the democrat of American slavery.

The response prompted an immediate apology by Welch, although he did not delete the original tweet.

“Sincere apologies,” Welch wrote on Twitter, adding, “Nothing worse in the history of our country than the brutal inhumanity of the horrible, relentless, and savage infliction of involuntary servitude-slavery- on millions of people whose freedom was denied.”

Horrible, relentless, and savage infliction of involuntary servitude… sort of sound like the homeless situation in Seattle or San Francisco.

Welch’s initial tweet tried to rally others to support his bill that makes it illegal for federal workers to work without pay during government shutdowns.”

Of course, no one seems to mind that millions of illegal aliens are still collecting their government ‘assistance’ checks.

“Since the beginning of the shutdown Dec. 22, many federal workers have either been furloughed or have been working without pay. While workers are currently not receiving their paychecks, all federal workers are expected to receive back pay after a funding bill passes.

“According to various estimates, around 400,000 federal workers are working without pay due to the shutdown, while around 350,000 are furloughed.”

Although it remains unclear when the shutdown will end, the Senate plans to vote on two bills on Thursday that would end the stalemate.

One bill, passed by the House, ignores border security and would only make is possible for the government to stay open until February 8.

The other is the compromise bill proposed by Donald Trump during an Oval Office address last week, and includes the $5.7 billion for the border wall and temporary protections for DACA illegals.

Democrats rejected that deal before the president had even offered it, but both measures would require 60 votes, and experts believe that neither will garner that many.