Dem Goes On Russian Rant

PUBLISHED: 1:54 AM 7 Feb 2018

Dem Takes On New Russian Conspiracy, Claims They Tried To Divide Country

He also believes they promoted the 2nd Amendment so Americans would kill each other.

Schiff thinks that Putin (pictured) is trying to get citizens to kill one another.

Theories are like opinions and we all know what unattractive metaphor those are referring to. With that said, no one has had a more foul smelling opinion than Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) in quite some time.

The Democrat that wanted everyone to know that he could understand what the common man could not (because they are just too stupid), has now opined that “Russians promoted the Second Amendment during the 2016 presidential election in the hope that more Americans would kill each other,” according to Breitbart News. The Media Research Center found that Schiff made the statements at the University of Pennsylvania.

Schiff said that Russia played different demographics off of each other on social media in an effort foster unrest and promote violence. Perhaps this is true, but then again, democrats have been trying to do the same thing via hate groups like Black Lives Matter and the terrorists in ANTIFA on a rather frequent basis already. The recent and needless clogging of traffic during the Super Bowl proved this.

This California liberal feels that Russia promoted “content designed to pit us against each other, to exploit our divisions.” He also claims that Black Lives Matter was merely “parroted” during this time of division promotion.

Apparently the Russians are very big fans of our Second Amendment. They don’t particularly want the Second Amendment of their own, but they’re really glad that we have one. The Russians would be thrilled if we were doing nothing but killing each other every day, and sadly we are,” said Schiff.

Considering that Putin has a strong distaste for America due to their entanglements with NATO and the parking of their weapons on Russia’s doorstep, it can be reasoned that they would like such a thing. However, America’s Second Amendment existed long before social media and promoting gun ownership is not the same as promoting violence.

It could well be that Russia was pushing these posts in a way that attempted to put gun owners on the offensive, but even then, the answer would be to teach gun rights more thoroughly in schools.

For example, if Russia was attacking our right to free speech, we know that right so well that Putin would look foolish.

We need to know, honor, respect, and revere our Right to Bear Arms with the same dedication.

When that happens, not only will Putin not have a chance of infecting our minds, but neither will Democrats like Adam Schiff.

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