PUBLISHED: 10:50 PM 3 Mar 2017

Dem Senator Slams AG Sessions For Resignation, Reporter Exposes She Outright Lied

McCaskill Blown Out

Senator Claire McCaskill, Pictured Above, Should Have Checked Her History

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been a prominent name in the media, but for the wrong reasons. The Democrats and their friends have turned their attention to Trump’s Attorney General selection due to the fact that he had met with the Russian ambassador twice during the presidential campaign.

Naturally the Democrats are saying that this is more evidence of a Russian conspiracy that helped Donald Trump reach the White House. They just can’t let go of the Russian hacking narrative that the citizens of the country are so tired of hearing about.

Put it this way, the Democrats have yet to show a shred of evidence that supports what they continue to say. Until they provide actual concrete evidence, they are just going to continue crying wolf. This time, they are calling for Sessions to resign from his position.

Sessions did say under oath that he hasn’t had any contact with the Russians. He then clarified he was speaking in terms of being a Trump surrogate and didn’t speak on behalf of the campaign. That meant that his contact with the Russians was purely for work matters.

Before he was appointed as Attorney General of the United States, Sessions was a Republican Senator from Alabama, and formerly the head of the Armed Services Committee. It was his position on this Committee that had led to the Russian meetings, and it is something that happens enough that it is considered normal. At least, it’s normal if the person is doing their job.

Enter Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO). She tweeted out on Thursday morning that she had never met or even had a phone call with a Russian ambassador in the decade that she has been on the Armed Services Committee.

Her tweet, which at the time of this article had roughly 4,000 retweets and 5,500 “likes,” said, “I’ve been on the Armed Service Com for 10 years. No call or meeting w/Russian ambassador. Ever. Ambassadors call members of Foreign Rel Com.”

McCaskill Tweet 1

McCaskill Sent This Tweet Out On Thursday

What McCaskill doesn’t realize is that the Internet is forever, and she was just proven a LIAR. McCaskill has tweeted out a couple times in the past about how she was meeting with different ambassadors, including Russian ones. A literal tweet from the official McCaskill account back in January of 2013 confirms this.

On January 30th, 2013, McCaskill sent out, “Off to meeting w/Russian Ambassador. Upset about the arbitrary/cruel decision to end all US adoptions, even those in process.” At the time, she must not have had a huge following, because it was only retweeted 19 times and liked 11 times.

Of course that wasn’t the only time that this incident happened. She had another incident like this back in August of 2015! It was literally a year and a half ago that she had made another call to the Russian ambassador. She tweeted out, “Today calls with British, Russian, and German Ambassadors re: Iran deal. #doingmyhomework.”

Maybe next time that a sitting Senator wants to smear Sessions for having contacts with the Russian Ambassador, she should do her homework and realized that she has done the very same thing that Sessions did. Only this time, because she is a Democrat the media is going to ignore this and continue to focus on Sessions.

McCaskill Tweet 2

She Forgot That She Tweeted This Out Before

Seriously, McCaskill just made an absolute fool out of herself by making this tweet. Maybe next time instead of slamming someone just because they don’t agree with your political stance, make sure they have actually done something that is wrong. So far, all this proves is that Sessions was just doing his job.

Or, if members of the GOP were just as ruthless as Democrats are, they would be calling for the resignation of McCaskill as well. So far, there haven’t been any. Literally the only reason that this is a big deal is because the Democrats continue to push the Russian hacking narrative.

Mccaskill Tweet 3

Finally There Is This Tweet About Calling Russian Ambassadors

It still has yet to be proven that the Russians had any sort of involvement in helping Trump with the election. Despite the lack of evidence, the Democrats continue to insist that Trump’s presidency isn’t legitimate and that they should also impeach him. They’re literally thinking of anything and everything available to get Trump out of the White House.

Of course one of the biggest things that is needed to impeach a president or any government official is evidence. There needs to be proof that they did something illegal. The Democrats don’t believe that though, as they actually said that they didn’t have to have evidence in order to impeach President Donald Trump. That’ll go real far in a court of law.

Even though Trump has been doing what he can to help the citizens of the United States through his various orders to put “America First,” Democrats in various positions of power are still doing what they can to put illegal immigrants first. Governor Jerry Brown of California signed a budget that is going to remove $115 million from Middle Class American citizens education, but he actually INCREASED spending for illegal immigrants. How in the world is that fair to American citizens?

Share this article to show the latest example of someone from the Democratic Party making themselves look foolish. Senator McCaskill thought she would get the upper hand and smear Sessions name. She forgot to check through her twitter history. Luckily the Internet is forever. Great job there Senator.