Spartacus Looks Stupid

PUBLISHED: 6:36 PM 6 Feb 2019

Dem Senator Schooled By Judicial Nominee For Identity Politics

In the exchange, Booker tried to cast slurs of the possible Kavanaugh replacement, but she held her own and even embarrassed the democrat senator by subtly pointing out the bigotry he apparently deemed necessary for the job.

Cory Booker ended up looking bad in the latest judicial hearing.

Apparently, judicial confirmation bring out the ‘stupid’ in Senator Cory Booker. His ‘Spartacus’ moment during the Kavanaugh hearings have provided much sport for conservatives, but his latest mistake paints his as a bigot.

In a heated exchange with Neomi Rao—nominated for the vacant seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington D.C. left by Brett Kavanaugh—Booker demonstrated his bias and hate and got schooled by Rao.

Spartacus’ tried to disparage Rao for some of her college writings and other views that are hated by liberals.

He asked her whether she’d ever had any LGBTQ law clerks.

“The question was part of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate’s bid to explore her views on LGBTQ rights, given her past writings – but there was a problem: Rao currently isn’t a judge, and doesn’t have law clerks,” Fox News wrote.

Rao responded to the bigoted inquiry, “Senator, I’ve yet to be a judge. I don’t have law clerks.”

Booker clarified he meant “someone working for you.”

Rao is currently heading of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs for the Trump administration.

“To be honest I don’t know the sexual orientation of my staff,” Rao responded. “I take people as they come, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation. I treat people as individuals.”

Her response perfectly illuminates the bias and intolerant view of identity-politics that characterize the democrat party.

Rao wrote a 2008 article opposing the Supreme Court’s 2003 landmark decision in Lawrence v. Texas, which ruled same-sex sexual activity was legal in every U.S. state and territory.

Rao also wrote in a 1994 article in the Yale Herald, “Because homosexuality, unlike gender and race, concerns a socially unacceptable activity, many gays have responded to the demands of normalcy in radical ways… Homosexual activism in its most visible form engages mainstream society in a total cultural challenge. The ‘promotion of queer expression’ comes in the form of explicitly sexual printed material, as well as national rallies and marches.”

Of course, something like that would never be published at Yale today.

Booker tried to get Rao to admit she thinks gay relationships are “immoral.”

“I am not sure the relevance of that,” Rao said.

“Do you think gay relationships are immoral?” Booker asked again.

“I do not,” Rao testified.

“Do you believe they are a sin?” Booker queried. “My personal views on any of these subjects are things I would put to one side,” the nominee responded.

Rao explained to the panel that she’d “matured as a thinker, writer and a person,” since the time of the writings in question.

“Liberal activists and some Democrats have seized on Rao’s writings, in which she also questioned the science behind global warming.

“Some Senate Republicans pushed back against Rao’s critics, saying her college writings are not outside the mainstream, while Democrats questioned Rao’s comments indicating she would have voted to overturn the Affordable Care Act and her view that the president should be able to fire the heads of independent agencies such as the Federal Reserve.”

The American Bar Association said Monday Rao is “well-qualified” for the appeals court.

Watch Booker below: