Senator Busted For DUI

PUBLISHED: 7:40 PM 28 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 11:38 PM 28 Mar 2018

Dem Senator Busted For DUI

One democrat senator who thought he was above the law will now face the harsh consequences of his actions.

It was an Uber driver who spilled the beans on Brady.

It is no secret that America’s drunk driving laws are too strict and that many people who are not impaired in the slightest get charged as if they were. That being true, it is our leaders who allow this racket to remain, so it is always very interesting when they get arrested under very laws that they permitted to reach into the average person’s pocket. The Boston Herald shows that this was the case with Michael D. Brady (D-MA) as he was nabbed for a D.U.I. at 2:30 in the morning last Saturday.

Unlike some people who are not deserving of the charge, it seems that the senator was. He “failed multiple sobriety tests” and refused to take the breathalyzer when asked to do so, according to Weymouth police.

Another traveler was so worried about the poor driving that he saw from Brady’s car that he followed the man after calling 911.

It may have been best since Brady appeared to be pretty ripped! He had “bloodshot glassy eyes, slurred speech and there was a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his vehicle” the arresting officers observed.

The 55-year-old democrat admitted to drinking and said that he was at a “work-related event” when he had done so. While this may have been true, how many everyday drivers have made the same argument, only to have it fall on deaf ears?

Once the officer said that he was going to be given a breath test, Brady seemed to think that his high status would save him. He “handed … a Commonwealth of Massachusetts identification card and stated he was a State Senator,” reports confirmed.

The field tests that the man failed were included “counting [sic] backwards from 60 to 40, saying the alphabet and” standing on one leg.

Since 1983, Brady has had “six surchargeable accidents, six speeding violations and two instances where he was caught not wearing a seatbelt.” Again, if a person wears a seatbelt or not should be up to each person to decide since sometimes it is not the lifesaving device that it is cracked up to be. It is politicians like Brady who have allowed such demands to be placed on drivers to start with.

Karl Ulett, 54, is the Uber driver who first followed the senator and then called the police on him. “Everybody goes out and sometimes has a drink or two,” he said.

It doesn’t matter if it was Jesus, or whatever. I would do the same thing for anybody. It was for safety, for the safety of himself, and those traveling on the highway. I felt it was my duty, and that’s why I did what I did,” he also opined.

Brady was charged with “driving under the influence of liquor, negligent driving and marked lane violations.”

The senator said in a statement, “While driving home, I was stopped early in the morning … by the Weymouth Police on Rt. 18 in South Weymouth and placed under arrest. I was released later in the morning. I want to apologize to the Weymouth Police, my constituents, my friends and colleagues in the Legislature for any embarrassment and distraction that this incident causes. I know that as a Senator, I am held to a higher standard, and I will abide by the advice of my counsel as this matter is adjudicated by our judiciary.

If nothing else, it is good to see that the very people who make life so terribly hard for everyone else are seeing the same kind of treatment when they fall short of the demands they placed.