PUBLISHED: 9:20 PM 5 Sep 2017
UPDATED: 5:19 PM 6 Sep 2017

Dem Rep Issues Warning To Trump, Threatens To Fight “In The Streets” Over Order

Gutierrez (pictured) wants no one to have to apply legally and wants fighting in the streets.

Gutierrez (pictured) wants no one to have to apply legally and wants fighting in the streets.

Gutierrez (pictured) wants no one to have to apply legally and wants fighting in the streets.

Nothing is more bizarre than watching a group of non-citizens fighting in the street for the right to remain in the country which they disrespected by sneaking in. If the country was broken into, which is what illegal migration is, then any sane and functional society would check a person’s status and deport everyone who claims to be illegal. If someone stands and says, “I have crack cocaine on me” in front of a cop, they get arrested. Why not the same for shouting, “I am illegal?”

Sadly, America has no functional and sane society. On his YouTube page, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), who supports the illegal DACA, threatened that those who feel as he does will fight “in the streets” and “courts” against President Trump, reports Breitbart News.

Not only is he advocating more ANTIFA-like violence but he is missing the fact that illegal hordes in the street fighting have every right to be met with armed forces and removed from the country like any other invading army or threat.

Saying that the battle will also be within Congress, Gutierrez added, “This president will do anything to target immigrants and families across our nation because he thinks it’s good for him politically, no matter how wrong it is for our nation. But you know something? We’re better as a nation than he is as president of the United States of America.”

Like most wayward thinking Democrats, he misses the fact that Trump is not against “immigrants” or “families” that apply legally. Those who did not enter legally are criminals, not guests.

Gutierrez also said, “We fought hard, and we took on President Barack Obama. We marched, we went to court, we were arrested, and we won. And we will win once again. I want to tell all the Dreamers and everyone in our immigrant community and our friends and our allies—we are stronger than we have ever been before and we are ready to resist any attempt to revoke the work permits, the social security cards, the legality that has been conferred upon 800,000 of our youth.”

That means, by his own reasoning (and like Mark Zuckerberg has said), that is 800,000 jobs that could go to legal residents. THAT IS A MASSIVE VICTORY!

How does a man like this even get elected?

How does a man like this even get elected?

Imagine that; 800k jobs going to people born here or who applied to be here. That sounds like every reason that Trump got put into office.

“Yes, we will be on the streets fighting. Yes, we will go to the courts to fight, and we will also insist that our friends and our allies in the Congress of the United States don’t sign a budget, don’t support a budget, don’t collaborate with Republicans and give us a budget unless there is a safe place legislatively, an avenue legislatively, that secures the future for the 800,000 DACA recipients,” he added.

Democrats sure whined endlessly when such tactics were used against Obama, but now that they shouldn’t be used because the president actually knows what he is doing now, and they wish to engage in such practices.

“Let’s be clear. We are going to fight in the courts, we are going to fight in the streets, but also we are going to fight in the Congress of the United States to make sure legislatively we have a solution,” said the Illinois Democrat.

In better times, this man would have been arrested for sedition.

Source: Breitbart News