Dem Caves To Demands

PUBLISHED: 5:39 PM 27 Jul 2018

Dem Rep Caves To Campaign Strike Threats, Will Pay Interns

Jayapal will pay each intern $750 a month for 10 hours per week, as well as provide pay for transit passes available for all interns.

Jayapal will pay interns $18/hr.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash, caved to pressure last week and reversed her own policy of not paying interns after a total of 19 campaign-affiliated workers signed a letter threatening to strike until they were compensated for their work.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, 16 unpaid interns and three paid field organizers not only forced the Democrat to reverse a longstanding policy, it could set a major precedent across the country. Jayapal reportedly agreed to pay 12 interns an average of $18 an hour and provide public transportation cards. She caved to the Democrat mob mentality and is now going to pay interns more than double the national minimum wage, which is $7.25.

Ironically enough, the interns used a study from Pay Our Interns, which showed that 51 percent of GOP lawmakers and just 32 percent of Democrats paid their congressional interns last year. So, the liberal interns pressured their Democrat boss into paying them an average of $18 an hour by using a survey that showed more than half of Republican lawmakers paid their interns.

The Senate also recently passed a piece of legislation that will appropriate $5 million in the fiscal year 2019 for congressional interns.

While a vast majority of Democrat lawmakers do not pay their interns, Jayapal was called out by her own team for being a hypocrite.

Her interns and field organizers said it was hypocritical for her to claim that she is trying to help young and diverse voices, yet she made them work for her without being paid a penny.

“The exploitative conditions of our labor differ so drastically from the supposed principles of this campaign that we can no longer, in good faith, continue our work without a critical reevaluation of the conditions of our compensation,” the letter, in part, states.

“It is contrary for Rep. Jayapal’s campaign team to stand by its unpaid internship program while also preaching that the field lacks racial, gender, economic or geographic diversity,” the letter continues.

Under the new agreement, Jayapal will pay each intern $750 a month for 10 hours per week, as well as provide pay for transit passes available for all interns.

While many would agree that these kids are working and should be paid for their efforts, they are going to be compensated far more than many Americans make.

These interns will be paid more than double the national minimum wage average and, essentially, be given a free ride to and from work given they are getting transit passes. There are currently millions of Americans who do not make anywhere close to $18 per hour, nor are they given a paid ride to work.

Most are taking issue with Jayapal’s decision because she not only immediately caved to the liberal mob and gave them everything they demanded, she also agreed to pay interns an insane amount of money per hour.

This could set a precedent where interns across the country are making $18 per hour while many other hard-working Americans are doing everything imaginable to make ends meet and provide for their family.

And, rather than help the Trump administration pass more policies to help Americans, Democrats like Jayapal are too busy paying interns.