Mega-Donor Soros Buys Local Race

PUBLISHED: 11:43 PM 9 Feb 2018

Dem Mega-Donor Dumped $100,000 Into Local Race, Media Silent

If this was a Republican donor, the coverage would be massive.

George Soros dumped $100,000 into helping one almost entirely unknown attorney hold on to her District Attorney seat. This expenditure alone was more than DOUBLE what her opponent raised.

A common Democrat talking point for why their politicians lose is that there’s a shadowy ‘donor class’ that backs the Republican candidates.  This offends Democrats so much, they constantly try to limit various forms of donations to political candidates and parties, although union money is always fine with them.

One donor recently poured $100,000 dollars into a local race for a District Attorney position, and the left-wing media managed to completely ignore it. It would have made an interesting story because those positions usually are not heavily lobbied for. But it’s okay as long as the person donating has the ‘right’ ideas.

Obviously, George Soros didn’t hand that money to the DA candidate directly from his own bank accounts.  Instead, he used a national Political Action Committee to do it.

It was a PAC called Justice & Public Safety which threw more than $100,000 into spending ‘on behalf’ of Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Stephanie Morales in less than 2 months.

In the scheme of a national campaign, such as a Presidential campaign, $100,000 isn’t all that much.  After all, the campaigns this time around spent more than a BILLION dollars apiece, according to some accounting.

However, for a local race, $100,000 is quite an influx of cash to see spent on behalf of a candidate.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that George Soros has shown a strange interest in local politics of parts of the United States that in no way impact him.  New York ‘citizen’ George Soros spent more than $9 million on campaigns for local District Attorneys between 2015 and 2017.

His ‘Justice & Public Safety’ PAC spent $82,000 on polling, media ads, and direct mailing fliers for Stephanie Morales’ campaign in Virginia during the last two weeks alone.

According to the campaign documents filed by Stephanie Morales’ opponent, attorney T.J. Wright, the $106,000 the Soros-run PAC spent on Morales gave her an immense boost.

In fact, it more than doubled all contributions that had been made to Wright’s campaign.

Even though the Morales campaign lost three of its most influential backers in the last stretch, she performed much better in the 2017 election than she did in the 2015 special election.

In fact, all that money managed to improve her 48-percent stake of the vote to a 63-percent stake. For just $100,000, she managed to change the opinion of another 15 percent of voters.

It’s interesting to see how very hawkish the left-wing media can be when they want to be.  A $1,000 donation from notable nutjob David Duke (formerly of the KKK) is something that the media never fails to notice.

$100,000 spent for one candidate in a minor election, though, goes unnoticed.

Left-wing newspapers and newscasters have often demanded answers from campaigns that accept money from known civil rights groups, such as the National Rifle Association, simply because the left’s political views don’t line up with theirs.

But ask the left-wing media to take a look at the way that teacher’s unions spend money on a campaign, and suddenly it becomes a Herculean task that they don’t feel quite up to.

The media is supposed to be critical of EVERYONE, of every political stripe.

The media is supposed to hold people accountable, especially people who seem to be above usual scrutiny.

The media is not supposed to provide succor to only one side of the aisle, politically speaking.

Sadly, in America, that seems to be the all-too-common outcome.

That’s not to condemn spending by Political Action Committees, either.  The truth is that the much-maligned Citizens United decision is completely correct; money IS speech, especially where politics are concerned.

The left currently has a stranglehold on the mainstream avenues of reaching the people through television.

In fact, as much as 88 percent of newscasters, political commentators, and other ‘news’ and ‘opinion’ journalists give money to the Democrat party and openly support Democrat candidates.

Because of this, these individuals are well-placed to give the DNC what amounts to ‘free’ contributions of air time, positive spin, and easy interviews.

PACs and CPACs allow the average citizen to form a legal organization to do the same thing and to attempt to get their standpoint on television as well.

However, it’d be hard for ANY group to match the kind of spending that George Soros manages each election cycle.  It should be very intriguing, and a bit worrying, that a foreign-born person is able to spread so much influence throughout our electoral system. Now, justice officials throughout the nation are beholden to the former Nazi collaborator.

Stephanie Morales managed to buy her way, with the help of George Soros, to a win.  Perhaps the media should be more honest about where the money for leftist campaigns comes from.