Dem Mayor Admits To Affair

PUBLISHED: 1:09 AM 4 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 8:01 PM 4 Feb 2018

Dem Mayor Admits To Extramarital Affair, Apologizes To Public, Families

She had an affair with the head of her security team.

According to a Wednesday press conference, she admitted she had a very expensive affair with her own head of security detail, using taxpayer dollars.

In what has already become one of the most embarrassing scandals than a U.S. politician has had to deal with over the last few years, Tennessee Democratic Mayor Megan Barry admitted the unexpected.

According to a Wednesday press conference, she admitted she had a very expensive affair with her own head of security detail, using taxpayer dollars. Naturally, we’re talking about a disastrous situation that could definitely end her career, especially after it was reported that she would face no repercussions.

The mayor, who is married to her husband Bruce Barry, apologized for having an affair with Robert Forrest Jr., who is a Metro Police Sgt. Believe it or not, she also apologized for using almost $33,000 of the government’s money on their travel expenses for nearly a year.

While her popularity wasn’t exactly the highest, it is a fact that she will enter into a political mayhem where her numbers will fall dramatically. After all, this is a shameful case that her voters won’t forget too easily.

As reported by NPR, Barry claimed that her trips as a mayor of Nashville, Tennessee were only for business, including trips to Athens and Paris.

She even said she doesn’t think that she improperly misused taxpayer money, which seems like the worst PR move she could make in such a delicate moment.

Of course, even when she’s telling the truth on this particular detail, experts believe that the implications of her acts are so disastrous that it would be almost impossible for the voters to trust her.

As a matter of fact, even her public apology was quite terrible. After all, even when she used the right words, having to admit something such a scandalous act was more than enough to destroy her image in front of everybody. Being a mayor just added to the problem.

After saying that she felt extremely sad and embarrassed, she knew she had to mention her act and lover. Getting to this point, she knew that she couldn’t escape from it no matter which words she used.

In a very uncomfortable moment that will always be remembered in Nashville, Barry said she felt sorry for all the pain that she caused to “my family and his family.”

After that, Barry pointed out that she knows God will forgive her, but that “Nashville doesn’t have to.” Then, she said that her biggest hope is to earn the people’s trust back and that they could forgive her.

Apparently, the Democratic mayor also traveled with her lover to Denver, Oakland, California, Washington D.C., New York, Kansas City and Salt Lake City.

Another obvious reason why her popularity will definitely fall is the fact that she didn’t do what almost any other mayor in a similar situation would have done.

That’s right, Barry not only refused to resign but also refused to mention anything regarding this possibility.

Naturally, considering that morals always play a major part in politics and elections, this particular detail will make her the easiest target for her political rivals. They certainly won’t have any difficulty in exploiting Barry’s flaws.

In addition to refusing to mention anything related to a possible resignation, Barry even claimed that law enforcement set the policy for her coverage and that her lover’s protection was extremely necessary on her multiple trips.

What seems even more disastrous in this situation is that while she has clearly refused to take a step aside, her lover actually submitted his retirement papers a couple of weeks ago. He is no longer serving as a law enforcement officer.

Given this authentic hell she got into, the Democratic Party in Tennessee is now facing a very difficult dilemma. Basically, it is a fact that her popularity won’t resist any kind of pressure. Her stability as the mayor of Nashville will be seriously compromised because of this embarrassing scandal.

Given this situation, the Democrats know that while the most logical move is to publicly condemn her acts and refuse to keep supporting her, that could open many more doors with risky scenarios.

Considering that there’s not a political figure that could have the same popularity and stability as Barry, it’s obvious that this would provide a clear advantage to the Republicans.

On the other hand, it would be extremely harmful to the Democrats in the midterm if they actually decide to keep supporting Barry and wait for the scandal to go away.