Dem’s Vile Attack

PUBLISHED: 5:45 PM 10 Apr 2018

Dem Legislator Cited After Vile Attack In Wells Fargo Bank

This clearly racist attack is not considered a criminal violation.

She called her what? Those listening at this Wells Fargo location heard it all.

WARNING: This article contains truncated vulgarities which some readers may find offensive. 

Loyal readers will recall the case of the “corporate big-wig named Adam Smith.” He was the cocky, arrogant man who talked down to a “lowly” fast food worker and posted the video of his bragging on social media. Of course, his company then fired the crude vulgarian. It seems that Wisconsin Senator Lena Taylor (D-WI) did not read that story. The American Mirror reported her demeaning actions while speaking to a bank teller “at the Wells Fargo Bank on W. Wisconsin Ave.”

In language that was nothing short of racially offensive, Taylor “berated” the worker so badly that she “was cited for disorderly conduct last week” over the altercation. WISN News has confirmed that since the democratic senator did not have enough funds in her account to cover the $831 check that she was attempting to cash, Taylor called the bank worker (also black) a “house ni**er” over the matter.

A “shift lieutenant” showed up and viewed “the bank’s security camera footage.” Upon doing so, he issued the senator “a municipal citation for disorderly conduct,” a fine with a $500 price tag.

It seems that the haughty senator felt that she was too good and far too important of a person to be burdened by the same banking rules that cripple everyone else. Then again, it is Congress which has made it so, a fact which makes the situation all the more laughable!

In 2009, officers pulled over Taylor for going left of center and she was cited for ripping into the officer, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “The police report from the incident said Taylor told officers ‘we “shouldn’t waste our energy for the stop and she can’t be expected to wait for the light,” it was reported.

It is also said that her “goal” seemed to be to “provoke” the lawmen.

Taylor had the captain rescind that ticket only to have it “reinstated by Chief Edward Flynn.” It was only then that “she ultimately paid the $122 fine.

The left-leaning leader is thought to be quite hard to work with, too. This is seen in the fact that about a “half-dozen staffers abandoned the senator during the Legislative budget-writing process.”

Taylor is so cruel that a man who took time off of work for Crohn’s disease (a terrible intestinal disorder) in 2016 saw “retaliation” from the leader when he came back. Making matters even worse is the fact that the aide, Brandon Jackson, said that he missed doses of his medication working for the senator and that this is what led to this medical woes flaring up to begin with.

When he arrived back at work, he was demoted and given a job that paid $6 an hour less than before he took ill. Assistant Attorney General Steven Kilpatrick found Taylor’s actions against her aide to be “legitimate, reasonable, charitable and certainly not done because of his alleged disability.”

Most people would not call making $6 an hour less “charitable,” by any means.

Perhaps voters will show some of that same “charity” to Senator Taylor when she hopes to be re-elected to her post. After all, it happened to Mr. Smith.