Governor Defies Trump

PUBLISHED: 7:55 PM 5 Apr 2018

Dem Governor Announces Plan To Defy Trump’s Call For Troops

Oregon’s governors says she will not send their National Guard to the border.

Oregon's democratic governor declares she will not support the president's efforts to secure the southern border from invaders.

Oregon governor and democrat, Kate Brown, has indicated that she will not send her state’s National Guard troops to protect the southern border. She said that she is “deeply troubled” by the president’s plan.

Politicians in lower levels of government seem to now recognize when they can capitalize on a situation to gain notoriety and hopefully increase their chances of re-election. Brown’s alarmist tweets on the “militarization” of the border make her appear weak on a key issue ahead of the mid-term elections. This could, of course, backfire on liberals who fail to support the president.

Previous presidents, including Obama and Bush, also deployed the National Guard to secure the southern border. It is hardly an unprecedented escalation, and it proves the necessity of a border wall and enforcement of the existing laws.

President Donald Trump recently announced his intention to secure the border using the military, in order to stop the flow of people entering illegally, pointing out that not only do the illegals just disappear into the country, they never show up for court.

The proclamation signed by the president and the governors of the southern border states is a use of U.S. Code Title 32 authority which requests the states’ governors to send troops. This code allows the particular states to determine if they wish to participate.

This is why the country trains, funds, and otherwise supports the existence of the National Guard… to guard the nation.

Splintered and divisive political rhetoric, like that of Brown’s, will only encourage those who might attempt to head north. The endless influx of illegals crossing over into the United States will only stop once the government protects the border.

The National Guard is intended to act as both a deterrent that would immediately discourage illegal border crossings, and also it would greatly help the overwhelmed border agents in their daily operations.

The president has stated that he intends to use the military until a wall and proper security measures are in place.

Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states that the government must guarantee that every state remains a republican form of government and that it will protect them from invasion. If the legislature cannot be convened, the executive branch shall apply this law and protect the country from domestic violence.

The president has the responsibility of ensuring that states like Oregon or California comply and remain American states, in union with the law and the Constitution. It matters little what these political hacks want, the president has the big Army and the authority to secure rogue states that endanger the union.

For all the government over-reach that the country has endured, and all the time spent undoing Obama era orders that abuse executive powers, this is a fully protected action. The president is attempting to secure the border and prevent violence against the American public and law enforcement agents.

The citizens who live along the southern border might have a different perspective. Maybe Brown’s concern over a military presence at the border has more to do with her own state’s failure to comply with federal law with their marijuana exports from the Emerald Triangle.

Cannabis is still a federally controlled substance. Some reports show that Oregon exports as much as 80 percent of its marijuana. Secure borders could have a severe impact on one of the state’s biggest industries.

Oregon state police reported that the state is a top supplier of black market pot.  At the time of the report, Oregon was failing to comply with the Cole memo.

The southern border is a dangerous and violent place. Border patrol agents are injured and killed while trying to control an increasingly desperate situation. Just recently in Sasabe, Arizona, agents arrested an illegal alien from Honduras who attacked an agent, bashing his head against a rock.

Politicians who fail to uphold the federal immigration laws are putting these agents’ lives at risk, for the benefit of non-citizens.

State governor Brown might do better to focus on the people of her state, which she is elected to serve.

Her state’s industries and economy rely on her cooperation with logic and reason. Perhaps the people of Oregon should reconsider their choice in leadership, and protect their own interests above those illegals who would endanger their country and scoff when faced with the American military.