14-Day Home Imprisonment

PUBLISHED: 5:24 PM 11 Apr 2020

Dem Gov. Orders Police To ID License Plates At Churches For Forced Home Imprisonment

If you go to Easter service in Kentucky, you will be under house arrest for 14 days.

How is this possible? (Source: Kentucky Education Television YouTube Screenshot)

The democrat governor of Kentucky has ordered police officers to take the license plates of church service attendees on Easter, and then issue home imprisonment arrests for 14 days.

Andy Beshear has ordered police to photograph (Automated License Plate Reader – ALPR) the license plates of Easter Sunday worshippers, who will then be visited by the Ministry of Coronavirus Compliance and forced into a 14 day quarantine, which reminds many people of the control wielded by the Nazi party.

News Channel 5 reported:

The state has a total of 1,693 cases of COVID-19, 90 people have died and a total of 464 people have recovered from the illness.

Beshear also addressed religious leaders and church members, urging them to stay home this Easter. He said all but about seven churches have agreed not to gather in person this Sunday, and continued to ask all congregations not to gather.

For those who decide to participate in a mass gathering of any type of which the state is notified of, the license plates of those individuals will be recorded and given to health department officials. They will then visit the individuals’ home bringing with them an order to quarantine for 14 days.

The enforcement does not apply to drive-in churches.

In order words, full compliance will be enforced, and you are no longer a free citizen in the state of Kentucky.