Waters Disgusts

PUBLISHED: 4:21 PM 22 Apr 2019

Dem Claims Trump Supporters Not ‘Patriots,’ Trump Is ‘Klan’

Rule 1: If a democrat accuses someone of something, they are guilty of it. Rule 2: If a democrat speaks, the exact opposite is true.

There's just no arguing with this level of idiocy.

Maxine Waters is about to be relegated to the same level as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: too irretrievably stupid to waste time listening to, and too arrogantly idiotic to recognize that she is a lunatic.

Waters, the career democrat who has called for violence against Trump supporters and conservatives, appeared on MSNBC’s AM Joy program on Sunday with Joy Reid, another famous hypocrite.

The words that she spewed while on the program more resemble the rankest, most ignorant bile than actual opinions.

Waters compared supporters of President Trump to traitors and claimed that Donald Trump doesn’t deserve the presidency, he’s deplorable, and promised to move forward with impeachment.

Of course, there are certain rules that must be applied to democrat statements—at least, anyone who has the ability to think logically should apply (plenty of evidence to back this up):

  1. Whatever crime democrats accuse others of is what they are guilty of committing.
  2. Whenever any democrat opens his mouth, it is to spread falsehoods and deceive their slave voters because they plan to perform the exact opposite.

So, let’s use this logic with good ‘ole Maxine’s latest claims:

MAXINE WATERS: Let me just say that I have been calling for his impeachment for a long time because I understood very clearly who this man is, how he conducted himself during his campaign and the kind of information that we learned about him, even before Mueller came on board.

We’ve been waiting for Mueller to make us comfortable with the fact that he is deplorable and not deserving of the presidency, and find all of the evidence, and we thought Barr, despite his background and what we know about him was going to step up to the plate and now we’re waiting on the public to make us do it.

The Congress really does have to — really does have to step up to the plate…

You know, we’ve been waiting on everybody else to come up with the information and the facts to move us toward impeachment, and the public is waiting on us.

Now we still don’t have, you know, the kind of coming together that we need to have in order to do the impeachment.

However, I know we will move forward with hearings and I know that we’re going to be trying to get Mueller to come before our committees. I also know that there are some people calling for those folks who were interviewed by Mueller who testified against him should be coming before our committee.

All of that is good. All of that is something that could be done, but the fact of the matter is, I think that when you look at this report, you can see that there is enough information there not only on obstruction of justice but also on collusion or conspiracy, whatever you want to call it, to move forward with impeachment on this president…

Okay, let’s examine this part.

She’s accusing Trump of being ‘deplorable’ and undeserving of office’… that democrats have been ‘waiting’ on someone else to come up with ‘evidence’… that the American ‘public is waiting’ on impeachment… and that when you look at the report ‘there is enough information’ to prove obstruction and collusion.

These are lies.

There was no collusion, even Mueller couldn’t fake enough evidence after two years.

No one is waiting on anyone… democrats have been trying to entrap Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy and used intelligence agencies to conduct a soft coup.

The majority of the American public want congress to follow Trump’s lead, not impeach him, and build the wall.

Trump’s numbers show that more than the last four presidents, he actually IS deserving of office because he has turned the country around.

Then, Reid spewed some idiocy about Clinton’s impeachment, blahblahblah…

MAXINE WATERS: Well, if you’re referring to Lindsey Graham, you know that his word can not be trusted. Remember when he used to be a friend of John McCain? And remember when he turned on him?

So I don’t know where he would go with this except to say he is now in bed with the president of the United States of America and everything he does is about protecting this president no matter what he does. Lindsey does not have any real credibility and I pay no attention to what he has to say.

One of the things you have to think about is this: who are the patriots?

Who will stand up for America when our obvious enemy is basically hacking into our electoral systems?

Who is going to stand up for America and claim to be a patriot when they see that there are many people around this president who have interacted with those from Russia, from the Kremlin, and with Putin?

Where are they coming from?

And I think when you ask yourself this question, you’d better be concerned about whether or not these are real patriots or whether or not they’re in the pockets of the president of the United States wishing to gain favor from the president and they’re going to stand up for him no matter what.

And so I call out their patriotism at this point in time. You take a look at this report, and you will be shocked at the information that’s unfolding. I

‘m not shocked, because I and my staff began to look very closely at this president early on. And when we looked at all of his allies and the people who were connected with him and with Putin and the Kremlin and with the oligarchs in Russia, we determined something was very wrong, and we dubbed them the “Kremlin Klan.”

The Kremlin Klan, as identified, has been on my face page on tweeter for almost two years. We know who they are and this report only confirms that. What more do we need to do? Okay, so if the Democrats can not decide that they are going to move forward with impeachment, I guess we are going to continue to go on with these investigations. How long are they going to go on with them? What more do they need to prove?

I can only tell you I, for one, have been for impeachment for a long time, I’m going to continue to be for impeachment. I think he should have been impeached a long time ago.

This rant is too vapidly ridiculous to dissect. The only part here is the “Klan” reference, which was a democrat shoot from their days as slave holders.

Or, maybe the Klan she’s referring to is Obama’s ‘stand down’ order concerning interference?

Perhaps when she mentioned the electoral system, she was talking about the liberals who used these Russian techniques to alter and impact the race in Alabama?

This woman is a disgrace, and the ignorant people who continue to elect her are worse.

Watch Maxine bellow her lunacy below: