Dem Won't Reveal Donor

PUBLISHED: 4:07 PM 17 Sep 2018

Dem Candidate Refuses To Disclose Who Donated Millions Of Dollars To Campaign

Abrams is refusing to reveal who donated millions of dollars to two foundations that have helped her political career.

Abrams won't reveal who donated $12.5 million to two liberal groups who have helped her career.

The Democratic nominee in Georgia’s gubernatorial election is refusing to reveal who donated millions of dollars to two left-leaning foundations that played a big role in elevating her political career. As noted by The Daily Caller, Stacey Abrams is refusing to disclose who funded two tax exempt, non-profit organizations that received $12.5 million in political donations between 2013 and 2016.

In fact, Abrams is also in massive personal debt, and recently claimed that she “didn’t know” how credit cards worked as an excuse.

Abrams,who is running against Republican nominee Brian Kemp and allegedly has connections to liberal billionaire George Soros, refusing to be transparent with Georgia voters has raised serious questions about why she is protecting the source of the funds. This is also the same woman who has been leading efforts to target “low propensity” voters, yet it appears that efforts from the two organizations has had no effect on turning out black voters. So, where is the money going?

The Third Sector Development and Voter Access Institute are generally after “low-propensity” voters and seek to persuade them to vote in elections.

Both organizations paid Abrams nearly half a million dollars over the three-year stretch and have played a big role in elevating the democrat’s career.

Given that she’s running for Governor in Georgia, a race that has generated a lot of media attention, many would agree that voters are entitled to know who paid the two group’s $12.5 million in three years.

The DC also reports that the two groups have failed miserably in efforts to turn-out more liberals to vote.

Despite raking in $12.5 million in the three-year stretch, the Georgia Democratic Party only received 3 percent more votes in the 2014 gubernatorial election than in 2010.

In fact, African-American turn-out in that same window declined by nearly two percentage points, an important statistic given the organizations claimed to be specifically targeting “low propensity” voters.

During the same time frame, the two groups have also helped direct significant resources and donations to Abrams. Federal law does not require non-profit, tax-exempt groups from disclosing its donors, but it has been common practice for years to reveal the information in an effort to be transparent.

Aside from Abrams’ shady actions, she has also come under fire recently for being in massive personal debt.

The DC reports that Abrams has accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt on student loans, credit cards, and owing back-taxes to the IRS. She claims that she didn’t learn how credit cards worked while she was in college.

Many people are asking how can voters in Georgia trust Abrams to handle the state’s finances when she is in massive debt herself?

More importantly, why will Abrams not disclose who donated $12.5 million to two Democratic groups who played a big role in propelling her political career?

These are very concerning things to many, and a number of people feel that Abrams should not be allowed to conceal in the hotly contested election.