Democratic Candidate Convicted

PUBLISHED: 8:57 PM 10 Sep 2018

Dem. Candidate In Georgia Refuses To Drop Out Of Race Following DUI Conviction

He’s reportedly insisted that he will continue to campaign against his opponent, even if it means doing so behind bars.

Steven Lamar Foster, who was recently found guilty of driving under the influence and consequently sentenced to six months in prison, has since vowed to keep running against Rep. Tom Graves (R-Ranger) for his seat in Congress despite his conviction (pictured above). 

Last year, 61-year-old Steven Lamar Foster was arrested by law enforcement officials in Dalton, Georgia on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI). Roughly six months after his arrest, he, quite unbelievably, signed up as a democrat to campaign against Rep. Tom Graves (R-Ranger) for his seat in Congress.

Shortly after doing so, he was then found guilty by a Dalton jury of the DUI charge and Judge Cindy Morris, who was the judge overseeing the case, consequently gave him a six-month sentence in the Catoosa County Jail.

Shockingly, though, despite being convicted, Foster, who may be the best the democrats can offer to represent them in the legislature race, recently made it clear that he will keep running against Graves in the election (even after ‘cursing’ the county), which is now only about two months away, even if it means doing so from behind bars.

Specifically, while speaking to reporters over a phone in jail, the imprisoned candidate stated, “look, I’m not withdrawing.”

To clarify, Foster, who mentioned that he believes he may fare “perhaps even better” at the polls than others in his party who previously ran for office because some voters may feel he has not been treated fairly, added, “I put up $5,200 of my own money [to qualify for the House race]. It’s my run. I know what the previous numbers were. I’d like to know what the numbers show even though they’ve got me in jail.”

According to reports, the democratic candidate, who’s a former physician, was originally stopped in 2017 for purportedly driving after dark without his car’s headlights. Upon being pulled over, he allegedly told the officer that he “had not been drunk since 1981” and encouraged the law enforcement official to “give him a breath test if he wanted to.”

When asked why a breath test might be necessary, Foster reportedly stated to the officer that he had drunk “two or three beers” about three hours prior. While doing a field sobriety test, however, he apparently swayed and stumbled. Moreover, when he was given a breathalyzer test, his blood alcohol content registered .103, which is over Georgia’s legal limit of .08.

In addition to suggesting that he wasn’t impaired while behind the wheel, Foster also bashed one of the counties he’s campaigning to represent.

“Eleven years I served this county,” complained Foster while speaking to officers at the time of the traffic stop. “I hate this county,” he continued.

“I prayed to God that he would curse it. And guess what? He did,” added the liberal candidate, noting, “man, I saw it hit and cursed, and I saw people laid off right and left — white people.”

Bafflingly, the unhinged democrat also encouraged the officer to record his statements so that he could get a copy of the footage at a later date. He also, quite bizarrely, requested that his blood samples be sent to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for the officials at the agency to supposedly analyze.

Furthermore, Foster also made it clear that he was unafraid of the threat of prison.

“Go right ahead, I’ve had them pinched before by Colombian police,” rambled the democrat while being handcuffed. “It’s all right, I’ve been in jail in six damn countries and the state of Mississippi,” he ludicrously added.

Alarmingly, this is not the first controversial situation that Foster has found himself in. He has also, according to reports, previously been investigated by the United States military for allegedly stealing surplus military boats to help deliver humanitarian aid. In addition to that, four employees associated with a charitable organization he’s apart of were purportedly charged by officials in Honduras with trafficking cocaine.

Moreover, the democrat was also reportedly stripped of his Georgia medical license in 2002, over concerns that he was “unable to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety to patients due to a psychiatric disorder.”  

Several days ago, for example, Judge Gregory Rupe of the Richmond Circuit Court in Virginia ruled to remove the name of Shaun Brown (I), a black female who had been campaigning against Elaine Luria (D) and Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA), for a seat in Congress, from the ballots for the upcoming elections in November after finding that there were fraudulent signatures on hundreds of the petitions that had been submitted to get her on the ballot in the first place.

Moreover, the judge also reportedly found that all of Brown’s petitions were in violation of state election law because they apparently listed three different home addresses, all of which were supposedly incorrect.

Prior to that, Wisconsin State Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) was reportedly removed from her ranking position on the state’s Joint Finance Committee after an investigation that found she had engaged in a shockingly racist rant while at a local bank and bullied at least one of the people who worked for her. Despite this, she is, quite bafflingly, still serving as a state senator in Wisconsin.  

And before that, Ed Pawlowski (D), a former mayor in Pennsylvania, was reportedly arrested and later convicted on forty-seven charges for engaging in conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud, honest services fraud, bribery, attempted extortion, giving false statements to federal officials, and altering city contracts to get extra money for his own mayoral campaigns.