Bombshell Report Dump

PUBLISHED: 2:02 PM 24 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 9:40 PM 24 Oct 2018

Dem Candidate Busted Repeatedly Lying About ‘Gifts’ As FBI Report Released

Andrew Gillum’s campaign is reeling after a bombshell trove of documents was released yesterday showing the candidate may not have truthful about who gave him perks.

Andrew Gillum's campaign is reeling after a massive records dump of text messages in an FBI corruption sting.

In a bombshell record document dump yesterday, Andrew Gillum, the democrat party’s savior in Florida, was busted by texts that show he has repeatedly lied about the gifts taken from undercover FBI agents, according to officials.

Gillum stood by his original claim that he ‘thought’ his brother had paid for some tickets to ‘Hamilton’ in New York City, but text messages included in an undercover FBI sting show a completely different story.

“Photos, a video and dozens of text messages between Gillum, who is the Democratic nominee for governor, former lobbyist Adam Corey and an undercover FBI agent” were released yesterday and tell a tale of high-living at the expense of others.

“They appear to contradict Gillum’s explanation for the expenses, which have been made an major issue by his Republican rival, Ron DeSantis.”

The records were issued by Chris Kise, an attorney representing Adam Corey, a lobbyist whose relationship with Gillum goes back years. Kise reported he gave the records to the Gillum campaign, DeSantis’ campaign, and the Florida Commission on Ethics, which is investigating Gillum’s trips to New York City and Costa Rica with the lobbyist.

“Once a close friend of Gillum’s, Corey is at the center of the FBI’s long-running probe into corruption in Tallahassee.”

Text messages prove that “at the time of the trip,” Gillum was informed that the tickets were given by “Mike Miller,” an undercover FBI agent looking into city corruption.

“Mike Miller and the crew have tickets for us for Hamilton tonight at 8 p.m.,” Corey texted Gillum on Aug. 10, 2016.

“Awesome news about Hamilton,” Gillum replied, according to FBI records.

The campaign has not explained how Marcus Gillum, who lives in Chicago, got the tickets, or whether Andrew Gillum asked his brother about them.

Gillum maintains, “when I got there after work, got my ticket, we went in there and saw it, assumed my brother paid for it, and so far as I know, that was the deal.”

DeSantis’ campaign pounced, stating, “It’s now abundantly clear that Andrew Gillum has repeatedly lied about taking free gifts and trips from lobbyists. If he’ll lie about these gifts and trips from lobbyists on national television, what else is he lying about?”

Gillum has repeatedly dodged questions about who exactly paid for the New York City jaunt. During a Sunday debate on CNN between DeSantis and Gillum, his GOP opponent asked, “Did you pay for the Hamilton tickets?”

“First of all, I am a grown man,” the democrat dodged. “My wife and I take vacations and we pay for our own vacations … I don’t take free trips from anybody. I’m a hard-working person, I know that may not fit your description of what you think people like me do, but I’ve worked hard for everything that I’ve gotten in my life.”

So, basically, he did not answer the question, just spouted rhetoric about being a ‘hard worker.’

However, the records show information way beyond a pair of sought after tickets.

“They show that undercover FBI agents posing as businessmen were working for months to get an out-of-state meeting with Gillum, and that Gillum appeared willing to oblige them.”

In June 2016, Corey texted Miller, the FBI agent, explaining he would convey the information to Gillum.

“I just want to make it a good trip and Sweets and B will be booked on something else if we don’t lock something down,” Miller responded.

“Mike Sweets” and “Brian Butler” were the two other undercover FBI agents involved in the sting.

Corey then proposed to meet in Las Vegas, but the meeting ended up being held in New York, where Gillum was attending a conference for his employer, People for the American Way Foundation, which is a liberal advocacy group.

Text messages confirm Miller paid for the airfare and hotel room for Gillum’s brother.

“Send me the mayor and his brother’s information and I will have my girl book their flights,” Miller wrote.

Corey replied that Gillum’s flight was already booked, but he would send Marcus Gillum’s information “ASAP.”

“Just tell them to let me know what their flights cost and I will cover it,” Miller said.

Whether or not the release will impact the election is anyone’s guess. But, a number of people on the fence about Gillum may now question his sincerity, a problem that seems to plague all democrats.