Trump Not Guilty: Dem Reveals Truth

PUBLISHED: 4:26 PM 30 Jan 2018

Dem Admits, Trump Won’t Be Found Guilty

This must have been a painful admission.

Not so fast anti-Trumpers. Even the left is starting to see what the outcome will be.

There are many libertarians and Republicans who knew, just by studying the facts, that President Donald Trump was not likely going to be found guilty of anything in regards to his win over “CrookedHillary Clinton. As the Conservative Daily Post has shown, there is no proof that anything illegal was done. Well, now even Obama Democrats are starting to agree!

Eric Columbus, whose Twitter page lists him as “Obama appointee at Justice (2009-2014)” and a Homeland Security worker from 2014 to 2017 has tweeted, “Mueller almost certainly won’t indict Trump – not because it would be unconstitutional, but because Mueller’s authority is very different from Ken Starr’s was.”

To understand this nuance, we have to look no further than a tweet from Walter Shaub, Former Director, Office of Gov’t Ethics. He writes that “the view is that a sitting President can’t be indicted is based on a memo by DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel, which notoriously skews in favor of Presidential power (think torture memo), but Ken Starr obtained a contrary memo from a constitutional law expert.

Now we can see that the left is looking to find some fun way to twist and spin the facts so that they can say “Oh sure, Mr. Trump was found innocent but that is unfair. He is still guilty.”

As foolish and baseless as such a paraphrasing is, we can see Democrats and those opposed to Trump’s leadership gearing up for such wordplay.

Just the same, they won’t be able to hide the truth as it washes over them like a tempestuous tidal wave. Gushing in shall be all of the lies, accusations, and nonsense about Russia.

Washing over their arguments will be cold, unforgiving facts, and those facts will show that the White House did nothing wrong, immoral, nor illegal when it came to besting Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Trump won the election because liberalism in its current form was rejected as quickly as if it were hemlock (which, in some ways, it was).

President Trump’s innocence is expected by a grown number of people because regardless of the left in America tries to suggest, there is not one hint of proof that has surfaced in this whole time which paints any guilt onto America’s chosen leader.

This is what we have seen on display so far and there is no reason to imagine that it is going to change.

That means that liberals had better be ready for that angry voting block in 2020, alright, but it won’t be from the anti-Trump crowd, as they had hoped.

Sources: The Conservative Daily PostEric Columbus