PUBLISHED: 12:11 AM 5 Dec 2016

Delta Force Operator: Mattis Will Dismantle Obama’s Twisted Desire To Weaken Our Military


A Former Military Member Has Just Spoken Out On What Trump’s Secretary Of Defense Will Do

Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election, he has been hard at work to find members to fill out his cabinet. Considering the disasters of the Obama administration, Trump has to make these selections carefully. And he has been diligent in his process to find his selections.

One of the more important picks, to say the least has to be the Secretary of Defense. Considering that this pick is going to be responsible for keeping the country safe, it’s something that should really go to a former member of the military leader. And that is exactly what Trump did.

Trump selected retired United States Marine Corps General James Mattis to be the next Secretary of Defense. And this has been a pick that has been met with increasing fan fare. And someone else has just come out to applaud the decision of Trump.

Retired American Delta Force hero Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin is applauding the decision of Trump tremendously. He also believes that Mattis will do a fantastic job of bringing the military back to its original purpose. Not only that, but he is saying that Mattis is going to move the military away from the giant social experiment that the military has gone through under the Obama administration.

Boykin had served in the military for 36 years, and many of those were spent in special operations. He sees Trump and Mattis as similar people that despise political correctness. It’s easy to see that considering that the both of them are willing to speak their mind regardless of what the crybaby liberals think.

Mattis is known affectionately as “Mad Dog” and “Chaos”, both of which were given to him during his years in uniform. He comes to the confirmation process with a sparkling reputation as a military scholar and leader. He is also known to speak his mind bluntly, which is something that needs to happen if you’re in the military.

“I think what Donald Trump was looking for was somebody who would send a very strong message to our military, to the people in the ranks of our military that we are going to get back to a focus on what the military’s mission is. And this is plain and simple to win the nation’s wars. I think Mattis sends that signal. It’s a very good choice. I’m excited about it,” Boykin said to a news outlet.

Undoubtedly, one of the worst things that have happened to the military has been the fact that we are not prepared for anything. Obama has done what he could to make sure that the military is undersized and underprepared for anything and everything that comes our way.


Obama Has Done What He Can To Weaken The Military

And Boykin has commented on how Mattis first priority will be to change that. “I think his top priority will be restoring the warrior ethos here. We’ve been plagued by various social experiments for the entire eight years Obama has been our commander in chief. It has created a huge morale problem. It has reduced our readiness. It has made our ability to win the nation’s wars questionable.”

Unfortunately Obama has corrupted the media so much that there are some aspects that Mattis can’t change. And Boykin commented on this. “There are some things that he cannot roll back. What he can do is put an end to all the wasted training time that is associated with every social experiment.”

“For example, when you allow transgenders to serve in the military, there is a training program that goes with that. Every soldier, sailor, airman, Marine, and coastguardsman has to go through hours and hours of that training. What does that do? It causes them to have to give up something in their training program.”

So because Obama wants to make sure that nobody has their feelings hurt, in the military nonetheless, they have to go through these training regimes that ultimately take time away from everything else.

Boykin showed an example of this happening. He referenced January’s incident in the Persian Gulf where Iran took some American sailors prisoners, put a video up of them on their knees and forced the commanding officer to apologize. And to add insult to injury, the U.S apologized and thanks Iran for the hospitality they showed our personnel.


Obama Thanked Iran For Capturing Soldiers

“That’s not acceptable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The problem was they didn’t get that kind of training. What they did get was diversity and inclusion and tolerance and white privilege and all those things that go with social experiments and they contribute nothing to the ability to fight and win the nation’s wars.”

But that is what the military has become underneath President Obama. We have become a country that is willing to help out other country’s military over our own. For example, after that Iran deal that happened, they decided to show off their military might. That should have never happened, but Obama’s insane nuclear deal had empowered them so much that they wanted to show it off.

But recently under the guise that Trump is going to lead the nation, the military has received some better news. In fact there was a defense bill that was passed that was praised by House Speaker Paul Ryan. All it did was guarantee that the military is going to be ready for everything and even gives them the highest pay raise that they have seen in six years.

Share this article to show that a retired special forces member is praising the job that Trump did in his selection for Secretary of Defense. He has referenced that it is time for the United States military to finally get back to the military that it once was. The social experiments that the Obama administration has forced them to go through have weakened their readiness and ability to win.

Now that Obama is leaving office, the military will finally be able to go back to being the strength of the nation. And we will finally be able to say that the military is powerful again after eight years of painful mediocrity. It’s about time.