State Surrenders

PUBLISHED: 1:40 PM 30 Mar 2019
UPDATED: 5:28 PM 30 Mar 2019

Delaware Surrenders All Voice In Presidential Elections

The people of Delaware have gleefully surrendered the rights their forefathers fought so strenuously for over 200 years ago, and the ignorance of the American people is astounding.

The ignorance of the voters in Delaware is astounding.

The people in Delaware no longer have a voice in the presidential election.

If in 2020, every single voter in Delaware votes for the democratic candidate, but the popular vote goes to President Trump, none of those votes will matter.

Delaware will be forced to cast their Electoral College votes for Donald Trump.

The sheer ignorance of the American people concerning the reason for the Electoral College is not an accident.

The public school system has been churning out people ignorant of their rights, and the basis of the American Republic for decades.

Democrat Governor John Carney signed the bill that will give the state’s presidential electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote, according to The Associated Press.

In signing the bill, Delaware became the 13th state to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which is designed at disenfranchising large sections of the United States, and ensuring that filth, crime and disease-ridden cities control the power of the executive branch.

“States that belong to the compact would award their electoral votes to whomever wins the popular vote nationally, regardless of the results in those individual states.

“With the addition of Delaware, states that belong to the compact hold 184 electoral votes, still well short of the 270 needed for a candidate to ascend to the White House — which is also the threshold at which the pact takes effect.”

The compact has so far been adopted by blue states, and that is not a surprise either.

Democrats know that their only hope of retaining any power at all is to establish slave states, like the ones that now exist in Los Angeles, New York, and other large cities.

They need a large block of voters dependent on the hand-outs provided by a socialist system, and they count on the fact that the people are too stupid to understand that they are slaves.

Just like democrats have always done.

This move essentially destroys Delaware’s voice, but no one has a problem with it.

President Trump recently stated that a straight democratic state would allow cities to “end up running the Country” without the Electoral College and that the current system “is far better for the U.S.A.”

Although he didn’t state it eloquently, he is correct.