PUBLISHED: 9:38 PM 22 Nov 2017

‘Deep State’ Funnels $700,000 Into “Human Rights Programming,” Leader Furious Demands Truth

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban leader of the national conservative Fidesz party,

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban leader of the national conservative Fidesz party.

Coming on the heels of the announcement that Congress has approved a $4.6 billion plan for security assistance in Europe, the State Department has created a fund to support globalist radio and media in Hungary.

Not wanting to be outdone by Russian meddling, the United States has decided to influence a foreign nation during an election year.  $700,000 is to be spent funding and promoting democracy and human rights.

Hungary’s government holds a very pro-nationalist, anti-globalist conservative view.  Compared to western Europe, Hungary acts vastly different with their refusal to accept refugees and the construction of a border wall. 

U.S. Chargé d‘Affaires, head of the embassy in lieu of the ambassador, David Kostelancik in Hungary announced the funding of new media ventures last week.  Kostelancik has been an open critic of President Trump.  While congress is still stalling on appointing nominees, Obama appointed hold overs are doing their best to hurt the president.

The Chargé has been on record stating that criticism of a government does not constitute an immediate labeling of fake news.  In this sentiment, David wants to create a volley of new media in Hungary to produce ‘facts’ which are not linked to the capitol.

The United States State Department headed by Secretary Rex Tillerson has mirrored Kostelancik’s stance.  The conservative government of Hungary receives incredible favorability ratings and is extremely popular among the Hungarian people.

The Border Fence of Hungary manned by military personnel has been extremely effective

The only people who seem to be at odds with the government of Hungary are proponents of a greater role in the European Union, and George Soros.  Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has done a wonderful job keeping his constituents safe amid the rising tide of the refugee crisis.

Orbán has upset many members of the European Parliament by opposing mass migration, building a border wall and helping to expose a network of friends to billionaire George Soros.  George Soros, who is an advocate of open borders, has been linked to many different groups and factions across the world instigating violence and revolution.  The crisis in Ukraine can be directly tied back to Soros and lobbyists, The Podesta Group.

President Trump has praised the Hungarian Prime Minister calling him strong and brave.  Orbán was the first European leader to back candidate Trump for president.  Why then is the State Department pursuing anti-government and opposition media during an election year? 

Maintaining a strong stance against the globalist elites, the bureaucrats who serve them, the politicians in their pay, and the agents of the Soros-type networks that embody their interests has drawn a lot of fire towards the well experienced leader.  Hostility towards Hungary can be seen coming from the European Union, Brussels, pro-mass immigration NGOs, and left-leaning media.

Now it would appear he is going to have his own gaggle of ‘fake news’ to contend with.  The government of Hungary has denounced the move by the U.S. as blatant interference of their Spring 2018 elections.

American tax dollars are going to be used to train and educate Hungarian journalists on how to do their job.  The irony is exorbitant.  American journalists have no idea how to do their job or show a semblance of integrity.

Everyday more pundits and reporters are being accused of sexual harassment and misconduct.  Watching a White House press briefing is like watching a kindergarten class where the children just shout obscenities at the teacher. 

The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest is controlled by the conservative Fidesz party

American media is neither fair nor unbiased and actively utilizes false narratives and creates stories in a giant propaganda effort.  The media in the U.S. faces criticisms related to the concentration of media ownership, commercial relationships, and mainstream media bias.

Hungary, an ally of the U.S. and N.A.T.O. member refutes the accusations of stripping freedom from the press.  Citing opposition media, Orbán notes that communist apologists are something that he does not want to see again in his country.  Having resisted USSR oppression as a young man, the prime minister is extremely disappointed in the comments made by some of his European counterparts.

The Hungarian Prime Minister explained that one of George Soros’ many so-called civil society organizations launched a media training the same time as Kostalencik announced the State Department funding plan. Suspicions as to which ‘partner’ the State Department intends to select in this program have begun circling the Chargé.

In a speech he gave on the 12th of November, the premier laid out what he believes is the goal of the E.U., “to replace an alliance of nations with a federation of states.”  This is the only logical explanation for millions of people being transported to Europe from other cultures – as there must be some sort of explanation for why this is happening now.

“We cannot consider this to be an accident, Europe [could] defend its borders if it wanted to … what is lacking is not the ability to do so, but the will.  And this lack of will is not unintentional, but the consequence of a definite underlying attitude that, in a United States of Europe, nations and their Christian character are more of a drawback than a benefit.”