PUBLISHED: 10:11 PM 20 Mar 2017

Debbie Schultz Refuses To Fire Muslim IT Team That Hacked Congress, Using Them As “Advisors”


Debbie Wasserman Schultz (pictured) was hacked and still employs the three hackers.

Some very unsettling news and innuendos arose recently from a Conservative Herald article about Obama’s affinity for putting Muslims of questionable character into his circle. There was a great number of them serving the president, too. Most of America will remember that Islam was never a religion that was on anyone’s radar before 9/11. After the towers fell, a curiously unstoppable interest and conversion to Islam occurred, something that even today makes no sense. It seemed then, as it does now, that mass numbers of Americans embraced Islam in droves only after Muslims tried to destroy us.

One of the other very unusual things that happened was that murmurings began to happen regarding Obama and his Muslim leanings affecting his reign. There is apparently quite a bit of fact in such talk as we learn that Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz both had ties to a Muslim spy ring. Not only that, they are still “covering for them while they were leaking national security secrets in an attempt to smear Donald Trump!” according to the Washington Feed.

There are said to be three Islamic spies who are brothers and who “worked as information technology specialists” involved. They are said to have been “paid handsomely by the Obama administration” as well as now being investigated by Capitol Police. It should be noted that this gets more than a nod to the “conspiracy theory” crowd when it is understood that not only are these three “banned from the White House,” but they are still employed by Wasserman Schultz. The White House does not ban someone without a reason after going through the efforts of getting them cleared. Also, why would Wasserman Schultz keep people on the payroll if there is even a hint of American disloyalty?

Nancy Pelosi is also mentioned in this story that seems almost too odd to really be true. It appears that the brothers who were found to have hacked Debbie Wasserman Schultz are in no danger of losing their jobs, either. Did they perhaps find something so devastating that their continued services are needed in what we would call a “bribe?” Why else would any boss continue employing, particularly one in government at this level, someone who broke into their systems? Are these what are called “advisors” now?


Nancy Pelosi has yet to offer up a good reason why three Muslim brothers hacked the DNC and are not in jail.

The Daily Caller has reported that “Imran and his family members, all of whom worked as IT professionals for members of Congress, were banned from the House network Feb. 2, 2017, by the House Sergeant at Arms, but Wasserman Schultz has declined to fire him and circumvented the ban by having him ‘advise’ her office.” This is a third source for a story so unusually disturbing that it would be laughed at if it were a TV story line. This can not be some elaborate sting to catch the men since it is well known what their transgressions were already. Nothing about this makes ANY sense at all unless Pelosi and crew are covering for either information that was stolen or for the men themselves.

Nancy Pelosi has a role in this by working in tandem with Wasserman Schultz to allow these men to still have access to classified information. We as a nation do not even fully know what kinds of data these men compromised and already we are allowing them access to more. This DNC email leak could very easily be what they wanted and what Trump has been saying all along is the corruption that is as common as fleas in Washington DC today. Otherwise, does it not stand to reason that these men would be punished to the full extent of the law? This would certainly be the case if anyone else had done such a thing, as Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning can attest to.


Since the very beginning, people have wisely questioned where Obama’s true loyalty was.

The number of people that Obama surrounded himself with that were of questionable character is something that no White House has seen since Bill Clinton. The Oval Office has always had the warmongers and the greedy ones, the power drunk and the unstable, but never this. What we are seeing here is the purposeful sheltering of those that have broken every protocol inherit in being granted the honor of classified status. To be approved for such a clearance, it is vital that the person cleared truly love and respect the nation as a whole. Not “left,” not “right,” but at that level, simply “American.”

Instead of calling this as strange and off keel as it is, we are to believe that this was nothing of importance. We can not even be certain now that Wasserman Schultz, Pelosi, or anyone else in that brood is even secure. If they got hacked once, can it happen again? If so, we can imagine that the brothers will still find employment there. By doing things so out in the open it can be imagined that the Democrats are going to claim that there is “nothing to see here, move on.” This, we are supposed to think, has nothing at all to do with anything that president Donald Trump has exposed in recent weeks.


More and more people are awakening to who the real hackers in DC are.

The problem with this line of garbage is that there is no one alive who really still trusts the Democrats that much. Even those marching in the street are doing so based on things that the party has told them. As they are exposed as being as foul as spoiled herring, more and more “true believers” are going to be moving onward. We have learned that Bernie Sanders has just been disrespected and cast aside a SECOND TIME by the Democratic establishment, and he is the only person that they have who can win.

While that last bit of news if good for anyone who loves the economy, there is a deeper level of corruption and “swamp muck” here than meets the eye. There has got to be one stellar reason why anyone who has done such a thing can still have a job in the upper echelon of the government, much less THREE of them. Perhaps it is tied to Islam, perhaps it is to get under Donald Trump’s skin, or even things within the Democrat Party apparatus. It could even be a combination of all three, but one thing is for sure; no good reason has been given. If one comes now, there has been enough exposure for a grand lie to have been crafted. Sadly, this is not something that is getting the attention that it deserves because no matter what the Democrats say, hacking your boss is not usually the road to political success, not even in times like these.