Debate Commission Changes Rules

PUBLISHED: 4:53 PM 20 Oct 2020

Debate Commission Strikes Again: Foreign Policy Ditched As Mic “Mute” Designed To Protect Biden

Wow, the level of liberal control within the supposed bi-partisan group has many people calling for it to be dismantled.

Protecting totalitarian rule at all costs. (Source: CBSN YouTube Screenshot)

Protecting Joe Biden from criminal exposure seems to be the order of the day for the mainstream media and elected democrats. Despite evidence that is pouring in of the Biden crime family (much of which was tacitly known for years, but wasn’t ‘proven’), the media and the debate commission seems bent on shielding the democrat candidate from scrutiny.

Biden has been asked about the scandal a whopping two times since the story was broken by the New York Post, and both Facebook and Twitter have tried to suppress it, suspending accounts and silencing free speech.

The latest move by the debate commission includes microphones that can be “muted” along with a complete change of topic for the final debate. Instead of foreign policy, apparently democrats will try to maintain the same, tired old COVID and racial injustice narrative.

Breitbart News reported:

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has adopted a new rule ahead of Thursday’s second and final presidential debate and will silence the microphone of the candidate who does not have the floor during the uninterrupted two-minute periods at the start of each segment.

The Commission cited their prior announcement to consider “additional structure” to future debates following the first presidential debate with moderator Chris Wallace. The first debate saw several interruptions from both candidates and Wallace. While Joe Biden (D) set the tone by interrupting first, Wallace later stated that Trump bore the “primary responsibility” for what occurred during the debate.

“The Commission has determined that it is appropriate to adopt measures intended to promote adherence to agreed upon rules and inappropriate to make changes to those rules,” it said in a statement, detailing its plan to enforce the rule:

Under the agreed upon debate rules, each candidate is to have two minutes of uninterrupted time to make remarks at the beginning of each 15 minute segment of the debate. These remarks are to be followed by a period of discussion. Both campaigns this week again reaffirmed their agreement to the two-minute, uninterrupted rule. The Commission is announcing today that in order to enforce this agreed upon rule, the only candidate whose microphone will be open during these two-minute periods is the candidate who has the floor under the rules. For the balance of each element, which by design is intended to be dedicated to open discussion, both candidates’ microphones will be open.

The CPD added that “neither campaign may be totally satisfied with the measures today” but added that it is “comfortable that these actions strike the right balance and that they are in the interest of the American people, for whom these debates are held”:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Debate commission adopts new rules to mute microphones to allow Trump, Biden 2 minutes of uninterrupted time per segment.

— Mike Balsamo (@MikeBalsamo1) October 19, 2020

Full statement from @debates:

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) October 19, 2020

The Commission announced the topics for the upcoming debate last week, selected by moderator Kristen Welker, who has established ties to the Democrat Party.

President Trump has already expressed his opinion of Welker ahead of the debate, describing her as “terrible & unfair, just like most of the Fake News reporters.”

“But I’ll still play the game,” he added. The people know! How’s Steve Scully doing?”:

She’s always been terrible & unfair, just like most of the Fake News reporters, but I’ll still play the game. The people know! How’s Steve Scully doing?

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 17, 2020

President Trump also posted a response last night, stating that regardless of the new rules, he will ask Joe Biden about the illegal activity described in Hunter Biden’s emails and contained on his laptop.