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PUBLISHED: 9:58 PM 10 Oct 2018

Dead GOP Operative Tied To General After ‘Suicide’

According to a new report, a man who was investigating Hillary Clinton's missing emails was tied to General Mike Flynn.

A deceased GOP operative was tide to a general by a report that came out after his suicide in the Wall Street Journal.

Although many people have forgotten all about the story, there is still an ongoing investigation into the still unproven claim that Donald Trump ‘colluded’ with Russian agents to win the 2016 election. A new report sheds light on an interesting possible link in that particular investigation, tying Michael Flynn to an operative.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, a veteran republican activist was looking to find out what happened to Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails shortly before he died. The Journal also suggested that this political operative’s links to General Michael Flynn may have played a role in his decision to search for those emails.

This operative was tied to Flynn via a friend’s emails, though the timing of his death, which came after he informed the WSJ about his investigation, is more than a little strange.

Unidentified sources told reporters at the WSJ that Peter Smith had, at very least, a professional relationship with General Flynn as far back as 2015.

In fact, the two had a meeting just after the good General left his position as the top man in the Defense Intelligence Agency.

In an email that the news organization somehow got hold of and reviewed, Joe Szobocsan, a former associate of Peter Smith’s, wrote to a friend to reveal that deceased political operative had a business relationship with the General, which started sometime in November 2015, at very least.

According to the paper, the political activist had used his connections with Flynn in order to further his project to track down Hillary Clinton’s missing and stolen emails.

The Journal had previously stated that Smith at very least ‘implied’ that he had connections to Mike Flynn. Although it sounds like nothing ever came of their ‘business relationship,’ the email concerning the 2015 meeting does seem to suggest that they had some ties to each other.

The paper said that in his quest to track down the emails from former Secretary of State Clinton’s hacked email server, he came into contact with a number of hackers, including at least two groups of hackers who appeared to be Russian.

Interestingly, as with others who looked into the Clinton family and their dealings a bit too intently, Smith died of what has been called a suicide.

Shortly after he spoke with the Wall Street Journal about his research, in fact, and weeks after he told friends that he thought he had finally found the elusive emails from the former Secretary of State’s server, he was found dead.

At this point, it is still unclear whether or not anyone knew about the investigation Smith had operated, or what it uncovered.

The Robert Mueller probe, however, would likely be extremely interested in the answer to that question.

Last week, the same newspaper agency that reported this most recent development in the Smith tale also reported that he raised at least $100,000 from four different backers in order to finance his work.

If it was found that Flynn had either backed the investigative work, or had helped the political activist to meet up with people who would be interested in paying for him to attempt to track down the Clinton emails, that could be problematic.

It would be even worse if it was somehow proved that the former General’s interest in Peter Smith’s work was not just on his own behalf, or because he thought it might harm the Hillary Clinton campaign and its chances, but as a representative of President Trump’s campaign and its interest in such matters.

It’s also strange that, once again, someone who was looking into the Clinton family and their secrets, including emails on their poorly-secured email server (which just happened to also contain classified documents), died suddenly.

The death and disappearance of people who publicly take positions contrary to the particular politically powerful line is so unusually common that it has become a meme, humorously used by many throughout the country, with lists counting down the number of such people who existed, usually suggesting that there are 40 or more.

It is likely to be difficult to figure out where, exactly, the money and connections came from that paid Smith to look into Mrs. Clinton’s missing emails.

If it is discovered that it came from Flynn, or from powerful and wealthy republicans that the former Donald J. Trump cabinet member and campaign ally helped connect to Mr. Smith, that could cause further legal troubles for him.

As it stands, Flynn will be sentenced in December, on one charge of “willfully and knowingly” making “false, fictitious, and fraudulent” statements to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.