PUBLISHED: 6:29 PM 10 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 7:26 PM 10 Jan 2018

Daughter And Friend Execute Disgusting Act As Mother’s Funeral Provides Key Element

Officials in Massachusetts were appalled by the crime that Davenport committed.

Officials in Massachusetts were appalled by the crime that Davenport committed.

There is no shortage of cold-hearted, selfish people in this world. Thankfully, there is a shortage of people as cold and self-centered as Alyce Davenport. While many unfeeling actions and statements have been heard in recent weeks, it will be likely quite sometime before anyone is found to have done what this devious daughter did.

Police have said that Davenport “ditched her own mother’s funeral on Friday to break into her home and steal a safe filled with items worth $90,000,” according to MSN News. This is half a step removed from graverobbing as the ghoulish 30-year-old and her accomplice, Diron Conyers, 27, acted in ways that most would find unthinkable during a time of supposed grief.

The duo “appeared in court Monday and faced seven counts related to the alleged robbery,” reports the Telegram & Gazette.

Davenport (pictured) hardly waited for her mom’s body to get cold before she broke into her home and stole her safe.

A man named Thomas Baillet, Davenport’s mother’s fiancé, is the one who figured out what had happened after he called the police and said that someone had broken into his home while he was at the funeral of Audra Johnson, the deceased. The safe was stolen from the dead woman’s “locked bedroom,” it is known.

Davenport was a suspect from the very start. She had been thrown out of the house due to her drug habits and it can be hypothesized that the stolen money was destined for drug dealer’s hands.

Authorities discovered “a car linked to Davenport on the side of a road with the safe in the trunk.” The cold-blooded daughter hurriedly shut the trunk when officers looked inside, too. It has been revealed that legal “documents, $5,000 in coins, a bag of knives and jewelry were found” also inside of the vehicle.

Worse still, the pair of thieves were staying at a motel close by where cocaine, “jewelry, keys, cellphones, a real estate contract relating to the address from which the safe had been stolen, and a checkbook reported stolen from a home” were also present. When Ms. Davenport and her partner in crime set out to take what they wanted, it seems a wonder that they left anything bolted down to the floor!

Conyers (pictured) had no qualms about stealing from a dead lady’s fiance, either.

Somehow, the story manages to get even more sinister as the funeral dodging daughter is “also a suspect in the theft of life insurance checks paid to her brother after their father’s death,” according to reports. Police say that Davenport is known for committing the crimes of “larceny, identity theft, and forgery,” on top of what already has been established.

She is being held on $15,000 bail.

Conyers has a history of armed robbery, so he is being held without bail of any amount.

This leaves a family in grief, not just for the lost of Ms. Johnson, but also for the loss of morality that should have been in her daughter’s soul. As closure is sought, perhaps some comfort can come to the family by knowing that Davenport is not going to stealing from any other family members for a long time due to where she is headed.

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