PUBLISHED: 7:31 PM 3 Mar 2017

Daily Caller Confirms: Obama Led White House Officials To Wage Underground Hit Campaign On Trump


It’s Official, Obama’s White House Was Doing What They Could To Sabotage Trump’s Transition

It’s no secret that Democrats everywhere were stunned and upset at the results of the election. The race that they had dubbed a “landslide victory” had turned into an upset that only some sports fans can relate, especially if they relate to the different championship winning teams coming back from a 3-1 series deficit just to win.

As such, the Democrats that couldn’t believe that America voted to get them out of power did everything they could to stop the transfer of power. Various riots, protests and chants populated the streets of the country, as well as different social media feeds.

Ironically, the only Democrat that seemed to accept the results was former President Barack Obama. While he campaigned strongly for Hillary Clinton (even though he was a sitting president and should have attended other pressing matters) he never appeared to do anything that would have disrupted the peaceful transfer of power.

Alas, since this is Obama being discussed, it would have been wise to suspect that he was responsible for something suspicious. Then-President-elect Donald Trump was, as he made several statements about how the Obama administration did their best to undermine his presidency. A new report shows that Trump was indeed correct.

The New York Times reported some of the Obama White House’s activities in the last weeks before the inauguration, and it said that the White House officials had a campaign to save and disperse classified intelligence regarding the narrative of Trump’s contacts meeting with Russians.

The campaign also called for restricting the Trump team’s access to classified information, some of it highly classified. If that wasn’t enough, this campaign also lowered classification ratings on some other information about the ongoing Russia investigation. The point of that would be to share it widely across the entire government.

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Obama’s Administration Restricted Access 

The Times’ sources say that this campaign by the Obama officials was done out of fear. They honestly thought that the Trump administration would either cover up or even destroy some of the information that was there.

The Times’ sources also claim that the campaign was multifaceted, but wasn’t directed by Obama himself. However that doesn’t mean that he didn’t play a part in that, to which the extent is unknown. Not to mention that Obama officials wouldn’t do something that Obama wouldn’t approve of personally.

The report also had some information that isn’t positive for Trump. Included in that were federal investigators receiving intelligence from foreign services that Trump associates had met with Russians in the Netherlands and Britain.

That part is important because it adds new information to a report that The Times published last month. It said that U.S. investigators had some sort of evidence that Trump campaign advisers had communicated with Russian government officials before the election.

However it also noted that U.S. officials don’t have any evidence of coordination between Trump advisers and the Russian government to influence the election. As expected, the White House denied the claims in that report. They said that FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe had told Reince Priebus, Trump’s chief of staff, that the story was “bulls***.”

GOP leader Reince Priebus has been a thorn in Trump's side and the new media that supported him since day one. Now it seems that his days be numbered in terms of his post with the White House.

Priebus Came To The Defense Of Trump

The administration’s intelligence-sharing campaign had involved the White House, intelligence agencies, and even the State Department. It was at that time that some Obama White House officials had asked specific questions in intelligence briefings because they already knew that the questions and answers would be documented and eventually saved for future review.

Basically they were saving the questions that they had in order to further this intelligence-sharing campaign.

That was when intelligence agencies had increased efforts to convert the raw intelligence gathered on the Trump advisers into information given to analysts. Intelligence was also classified at low levels “to ensure as wide a readership as possible across the government,” at least according to The Times.

The State Department, which at the time was led by John Kerry, had taken part in the intelligence-sharing campaign. They sent a series of documents classified as “Secret” to Maryland Senator Ben Cardin just before the election. Cardin is the top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee.

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Kerry’s State Department Also Got In On The Action

In addition to that, Obama officials also capped the number of incoming Trump officials that had the ability to view extremely sensitive information, “including the names of sources and the identities of foreigners who were regularly monitored.”

Basically this is all just further evidence to support Trump’s claims that the Obama White House tried to undermine his presidency. It started with the leaking of classified information, and now this news comes to light.

Trump went on Fox & Friends and said this in the interview. “I think that President Obama is behind it because his people are certainly behind it. And some of the leaks possibly come from that group, which are really serious because they are very bad in terms of national security. But I also understand that is politics. In terms of him being behind things, that’s politics. And it will probably continue.”

This could just be another attempt by the liberal-leaning newspaper to revive the Russian hacking narrative that has been prevalent since the election outcome. The sources for the paper said that in the late summer, American intelligence officials had been picking up discussions in which Russian officials had mentioned contacts with Trump associates. European intelligence services had also provided information “about people close to Mr. Trump meeting with Russians in the Netherlands, Britain and other countries.”

The Times did note that the nature of the meetings wasn’t clear to intelligence officials. They also didn’t report the names of the Trump advisers and the Russians that were allegedly involved in the discussions. It was unclear if the Times’ sources had provided the names, or why they withheld the information.

Unfortunately Trump has spent a great amount of time trying to fix the mistakes of the last president. Under President Obama, there were 1.6 million illegals that were allowed to stay in the United States, despite the fact that their visas were expired. If the visas were expired, they should have been gone!

The good news about the ICE agents is that they are empowered by the new Trump administration. Under the previous administration, ICE agents were reprimanded for doing their job correctly. Now that Trump is in power, they are encouraged and even happy to do their jobs. It’s a stark 180-degree turn from how they felt under Obama.

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