Illegals Block Disney

PUBLISHED: 1:41 AM 25 Jan 2018

DACA Illegals Block Road To Disneyland Demanding U.S. Law Bow To Their Desire

Frustration of being stuck in traffic was compared to the Dreamer’s frustration.

Why are they letting them get away with this?

Leftist activist blocked the entrance to Disneyland after the government reopened without granting amnesty to illegal aliens currently protected by Obama’s executive order known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). These illegal aliens have protested across the country including in Washington after the Democrat-led government shutdown failed to yield any further protections for illegals.

One protestor, Barbara Hernandez, wore a shirt that read “No Dream, No Deal” while blocking the road shouting “Disneyland is supposed to be where dreams come true.” Hernandez is one of the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who gained protections under the DACA executive order. Hernandez has benefited immensely from this order; however, it was at the expense of American children and the millions of foreign nationals on a waiting list seeking to gain lawful entry into the country.

Hernandez says, “We want our dream to come true. We’re tired of the political games and being used as bargaining chips. We need a permanent solution.” The protestors began chanting in Spanish, shouting, “sin papeles, sin miedo” which translates to “without papers without fear.” Americans were appalled by their outrageous behavior, watching them blocking the roads and shouting in a foreign language, so they kindly said to the group of criminals “I can’t understand you” and “speak English.”

Another activist in the group, Emily Velasquez chanted with her group of cohorts, “Pass a clean Dream Act for all.” They are attempting to pressure Congress to pass legislation to all of the illegals Obama granted protection for with no strings attached. They are against the border wall, limiting immigration, ending chain migration, and ending birthright citizenship, but only for the United States, not their homelands.

San Clemente, another illegal protected under DACA watched on saying, “It really makes me very happy seeing all the protest because that means we have a lot of community that are with us. It really is very sad everything that we’re put through. Honestly, everybody that’s a Dreamer is only here to make a better life.” The community is large, according to Ann Coulter there are between 30-40 million foreign nationals occupying this country illegally.

President Trump has expressed openness to extending protections for illegal aliens to the dismay of his base. President Trump’s core support comes from those who believe we are a sovereign nation and have a right to control who comes into our country. President Trump’s supporters gloriously chanted in unison “build the wall” at campaign events where President Trump promised to end failed immigration programs, such as chain migration, birthright citizenship, and DACA.

Illegal aliens granted protections by Obama have been given an enormous gift, albeit at the expense of American families who never wished to provide it. These illegal aliens have all had the opportunity to get an education that would not have been possible in most of the lands from which they hail, such as Mexico. This education was paid for by Americans. The illegals in American public schools led to standards slipping and resources meant for educating American children being spread thin across both our children and the hordes of children of foreign nationals.

This beautiful gift they have received could help them once they return to their homelands. They could open businesses, help educate their people and lobby their governments to reflect the practices of ours so their countries may become great. These illegal aliens demanding Americans continue to foot the bill for their existence in America are shameful. According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, illegal aliens cost our country $116 billion annually, after you consider the sum of their contributions.

Protestors across the country are claiming that Americans owe illegal aliens more. These foreign nationals are not thankful for the gifts this country has given them; they are resentful because Americans are demanding an end to the free ride. In 2016, the American people voted for a president to put the needs of Americans before the needs of illegal aliens and foreign nations.

Democrats who wish to grant amnesty are only worried about getting the votes of foreign nationals, they care not about the $20 trillion debt illegal immigrants are exasperating, or about American wages which have remained stagnant for decades because of hordes of illegals are competing for their jobs or any other problem this illegal occupation of over 30 million foreign nationals is causing. In America 2017, illegals are blocking the streets and entrance to Disneyland and demanding a bleeding America, to continue to suffer.