Antifa Threatens

PUBLISHED: 9:44 PM 10 Aug 2018

D.C. Prepares for Antifa, ‘Alt-Right’ Onslaught

Antifa has named their event 'Shut It Down DC,' which doesn't bode well for those who live in the city.

Washington D.C. is preparing for Antifa to show up, and the city is bracing for violence.

This weekend in Washington D.C., is the ‘Unite the Right 2protest, which is being put on by Jason Kessler to commemorate the anniversary of the first ‘Unite the Right’ rally which ended so poorly in Charlottesville, Virginia. The permit issued by the National Park Service to Kessler says that the rally will take place across the street from the White House, in Lafayette Park, and says that up to 400 people may show up to the event, which hopes to promote “white civil rights.”

However, law enforcement in the city is not just gearing up for trouble this weekend because up to 400 members of the ‘alt-right’ might be in town, across from the White House, holding some sort of rally. They’re preparing for the inevitable counter-‘protest’ that promises to descend upon the nation’s capital, while the Antifa is preparing to act like a gang with a political agenda. D.C. might very well see serious violence in the next few days.

According to a leftist website, Antifa (Anti-‘fascist’) and various associated leftist groups will be descending on the city as well, and they have far more in mind than simply responding to the ‘Unite the Right 2’ rally.

The leftist website, which calls the event ‘Shut it Down DC,’ has a much broader purpose than simply harassing or ‘protesting’ 400 people for showing up to an event.

The website calls for a ‘mass mobilization’ of people from a wide number of groups, including Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Anarchist Agency, and a number of Antifa groups in the region.

According to the site, the group is going to assemble at Freedom Plaza, which is just a few blocks away from Lafayette Park.

The website also says that it plans to honor Heather Heyer who was struck by a driver at the original ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Virginia.

The website for the leftist ‘counter-protest’ also says that the event is for the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (the agency, not necessarily the concept), open borders, dismantling the ‘prison industrial complex,’ and ending the “settler colonial system.”

The website goes on to say that the protestors are going to confront “fascism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, white supremacy” and what they call ‘state violence’ between August 10 and 12.

A video on the ‘Shut It Down DC’ website says that Kessler, Richard Spencer, and even Donald Trump are, in their minds, implicated in the murder of Heyer.

The video also claims that all alt-right rallies are public displays of “violence” as well as being “calls for genocide.”

The video concludes, saying that Antifa and its other leftist affiliates will be in the streets on the dates mentioned above and that they “intend to win.”

It also says that there will be no rest, refuge, or respite for Jason Kessler within D.C., which certainly sounds like a threat.

For hardcore leftists who cannot make it to the city, however, the website included a number of ‘calls to action.’

Members who want to take part in the event were encouraged to go to Charlottesville, Virginia, for example, where the state’s governor, Ralph Northam, had already declared a state of emergency and put the Virginia National Guard on standby.

The website said that others could do things like occupying an ICE office, shutting down a police station, or demonstrating at the home of a local ‘racist,’ ‘ice agent,’ or “prison profiteer.”

The site also encouraged people who are not in the United States to join in by taking ‘action’ at borders, embassies, or other “symbols of colonial power.”

The group also promises to hold discussion and training sessions on topics like kung fu for all and “healing for internalized whiteness.”

Antifa has a long history of violence in the United States, and it seems like most of their ‘protests’ somehow devolve into throwing bottles and rocks at police officers and people who disagree with them.

Their concern for ‘antisemitism’ is an interesting twist, given they’ve rioted to stop Ben Shapiro, who is as Jewish as a person could be, from being able to speak on multiple college campuses.

It has been suggested by some that it was Antifa and a number of related groups who harassed Candace Owens, an African-American conservative, at a restaurant just this week, screaming at her (and her dining partner) and throwing water on them until they left.

Antifa is a militant left-wing group, often with ties to socialist, Marxist, and communist organizations and ideologies, that generally uses violence, the threat thereof, and the ‘thug’s veto’ to force their opinions on others.

Hopefully, things stay calm in D.C. over the weekend. However, if Antifa is involved, that isn’t likely to happen.