PUBLISHED: 7:29 PM 11 Jan 2018

D.C. Judge Issues Holdover Lawsuit Ruling, Powerful Obama Puppet Gets Jaw Dropping News

Mick Mulvaney confirmed as the rightful Consumer Financial Protection Bureau boss.

Mick Mulvaney confirmed as the rightful Consumer Financial Protection Bureau boss.

Liberal jaws are dropping to the floor now that Mick Mulvaney was legally confirmed by a federal judge on Wednesday as the rightful top administrator of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This means that the Obama-era “slush fund started by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) remains safely under the watchful eye of President Trump’s handpicked administrator.

Judge Timothy Kelly of D.C. U.S. District Court officially ruled that the doggedly determined usurper to the post of director, Leandra English, doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on. “English has not demonstrated a likelihood of success on the merits,” Judge Kelly writes. The judge’s order on Wednesday denied Obama puppet’s requested relief for the second time. A similar bid to hold the job went down in flames last November.

Democrat-backed English has been fighting tooth and nail to hold on to the title of CFPB Director since Obama’s minion, Richard Cordray, stepped down last November, handing her the keys. He claimed to have the power to “name his successor” under the law creating the agency.

As soon as Cordray cleaned out his desk, President Trump “chose” Mulvaney to step in and take charge. Mulvaney had already been confirmed by the Senate to lead the Management and Budget office at the White House, so he acts in both roles.

$46,611 to Clinton, $13,190 to Warren, and $19,988 to Obama.

Democrats screamed their heads off when Mulvaney promised a big shift away from Obama’s agenda, prompting Mulvaney to announce, “rumors that I’m going to set the place on fire, or blow it up, or lock the doors, are completely false.”

Since then, both Mulvaney and English have been claiming the throne. English used the confusion as one of her arguments to “overrule the appointment of Mulvaney.” Judge Kelly agreed it was extremely important to know “who is the actual director” but, he wrote, it isn’t her. “The President has designated Mulvaney as the CFPB’s acting Director, the CFPB has recognized him as the acting Director, and it is operating with him as the Acting Director,” Kelly scolded. “Granting English an injunction would not bring about more clarity; it would only serve to muddy the waters.”

While English has been spending all her time frivolously spinning her wheels in court, trying to desperately but unsuccessfully to regain control, Mulvaney has turned the Bureau upside down and has been taking a good hard look at where all the money has been going. What he found out is that the CFPB “has been doling out cash” to “Democratic cronies.”

Both Mulvaney and English have been claiming the throne.

The scheme was cooked up by Elizabeth Warren when she was still at Harvard. Conservatives have taken to calling the Senator “Pocahontas” because Harvard Law School referred to her as “Native American” when she was a professor in Cambridge. That was due to the fact she listed herself as a minority in an Association of American Law Schools directory, based on unconfirmed 1/32 Native American heritage.

In one of her signature “robbing hood” socialist schemes, the CFPB robs from the rich by collecting “fines from financial institutions” and gives to the poor, by spending it on “victims.” Meanwhile, the bureau takes a cut out of the middle which, under Obama, amounted to a political slush fund disguised as “educating the public on its mission” with millions of dollars already “set aside for the education funding.”

The money is supposed to be used for “educating the public” but it seems the checks only get written to Democrats. For instance, Cause of Action Institute found out about “a $14 million CFPB contract with GMMB Inc.” They are “a powerful media consulting shop that has produced political ads for Obama and 2016 runner-up Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Director Mulvaney is rooting out political bias, beginning with a comprehensive review of all spending.

According to Competitive Enterprise Institute, “The agency has leaned left since its creation and has been a Democratic Party donor bank, with its bureaucrats writing checks to liberals at a rate of 593 to one Republican, including $46,611 to Clinton, $13,190 to Warren, and $19,988 to Obama.”

Eric Bolinder with Cause of Action is thrilled with Mulvaney’s stewardship. “Given CFPB’s history of stark, unabashed partisanship, as exhibited by Richard Cordray’s final bizarre gambit to try to seize control of the agency and put it in the hands of Leandra English, it is great news that Acting Director Mulvaney is rooting out political bias, beginning with a comprehensive review of all spending.”

Following Wednesday’s ruling, White House principal deputy press secretary, Raj Shah, announced “The Administration is glad to see the courts once again recognize the President’s lawful designation. The President looks forward to Acting Director Mulvaney’s continued work on behalf of American consumers.”