PUBLISHED: 10:09 PM 28 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 10:24 PM 28 Feb 2017

Cuomo Ordered NYPD To Set Criminal Free After Election, New ICE Officers Finally Make Arrest

nypd release1

ICE tracks down a criminal that NYPD released

44-year-old Hector Suarez has a long history of crime, often violent. In January 1997 he was convicted of attempted criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree. In April 2002, he was convicted for criminal possession of a controlled substance in the fifth degree.  In November 2006, he was convicted for Attempted Assault in the Second Degree.

Besides all of that, Suarez is also an illegal alien and has been deported three times. A citizen of the Dominican Republic, he was first ordered removed from the United States in October 2002 and actually removed in November of 2002. 4 months later he was found in Texas and served with a Notice of Intent /Decision to Reinstate Prior Order. He was criminally charged and pleaded guilty to the violation.

In April he was sent back to the Dominican for a second time. In August 2006, he was found to be in the United States again, this time in New York. He was served another Notice of Intent/Decision to Reinstate Prior Order. In September 2009 he was removed to the Dominican Republic for the third time.

Unsurprisingly, Suarez is back. He was arrested in New York again in December. Why they bothered to arrest him is still a mystery. New York Police Department arrested him on December 23, 2016. Seven short days later, despite his record, Suarez was released.

New York City has often been declared a sanctuary city by residents and officials. Both Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo have repeatedly said they will not follow ICE orders to deport immigrants.

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Cuomo and de Blasio choose defying Trump over protecting their citizens

New York has even been home to a controversial program of issuing identification cards to illegal immigrants.

Sanctuary cities releasing immigrants is not an unusual occurrence. Cities across America are choosing the “rights” of illegals over the law of their own country. A controversial decision before, with President Trump’s new executive orders, they are directly defying federal orders.

That is exactly what is appears New York chose to do in the case of Hector Suarez. Immigration and Customs Enforcement report that they issued and delivered a detainer order on December 29th. Despite that order, Suarez was released the next day.

ICE was fortunately able to find and detain Suarez again on February 21. New York has claimed they never received the detainer order and would not have released Suarez if they had. This contradicts with previous claims of being a sanctuary city.

Thomas R. Decker, who is the ICE field office director in New York, sees it quite differently;

“This is the case of another criminal alien, a felon, who was released back into the streets. Politics and rhetoric are not what keep the people of this great city safe.”

Sanctuary cities have chosen their battle, placing more importance on illegal immigrants than their own citizens. These illegals have demonstrated they are a risk to American security. Many that have been released have gone on to commit serious crimes, just as Suarez did.

Denver was equally reckless recently and it cost a man his life. Disregarding detainer orders from ICE, Denver PD released Ever Valles. A known gang member and criminal, Valles and another man killed Tim Cruz, an innocent citizen, just a month after Denver police made their fateful decision.

denver murder8

Kate Steinle and Tim Cruz both fell victim to illegal immigrants

Kate Steinle and her family never expected their day together in San Francisco to end so tragically. She was shot in cold blood on the street by a recently released illegal alien who had been deported 5 times.

Both San Francisco and Denver have declared themselves sanctuary cities. The reasoning behind that decision baffles many.

If nothing else, these immigrants are breaking laws by entering America illegally. No other country, including Mexico, allows such activity at their borders. Obama’s decision to throw open U.S borders has proven dangerous to everyone. Our laws provide multiple avenues for foreign citizens to come here legally, that has always been America’s strength.

On the other hand, the illegals that Trump has directed ICE to target are criminals of another sort. The government did not just issue a million deportation notices at random. They are focusing on criminals, many of them dangerous ones.

Hector Suarez, Ever Valles, and Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez were not just breaking immigration laws. They all had histories of violent crimes and if they were citizens of the United States would probably have stayed in jail longer. Somehow being illegal granted them rights that nobody can explain.

The stories of these illegals and their victims are becoming far too common in the United States. Coming into our country illegally and draining our resources is not enough. These people take advantage of America, committing crimes and then expecting lenience. Why are they receiving it?

Some cities are beginning to use common sense. Miami-Dade County has recently relinquished their sanctuary status, acknowledging that they will follow federal law in the future. Many immigrants are even standing up in support of President Trump’s orders, realizing that American safety depends on it.