Public Deceived About Death Risk

PUBLISHED: 5:25 PM 24 Apr 2020

Cuomo Announcement Stuns! Antibody Tests Reveal Fatality Rate Under 1%

The new tests indicate that not only is the virus MUCH LESS deadly than the American public was led to believe, but also that the virus was present in the U.S. earlier than thought.

Americans have been misled to believe something that does not appear true. (Source: NYGovCuomo YouTube Screenshot)

Yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo released data showing that the coronavirus is MUCH less deadly than the American public was led to believe, making many people wonder why a shutdown was forced upon the president and the country using false data.

In fact, the findings make perfect sense if logic is applied to the equation. Namely, grocery stores would be the industry with the highest number of infections and disruptions… but they aren’t.

Incidentally, why isn’t there any information on this secret testing that has occurred? How was it performed? How can they track people with it?

Townhall reported:

Nearly everything we’ve been told about models, rates of infection, deaths, and recoveries was inaccurate.

I’m not here to argue that it was malfeasance or ignorance — both are unacceptable. But the one thing that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s stunning announcement made clear on Thursday is that there are some pretty shocking — and what should be — reassuring truths.

Cuomo announced that antibody testing in New York state, which only began four days previous, was already demonstrating that at minimum 13.9% of New Yorkers, had COVID-19 late stage antibodies.

The implication of this is a shockwave to the system.

With a population of 19,540,500 the findings point out that over 2,500,000 New Yorkers had the virus and have recovered. Keep in mind that as of this writing that only 263,000 New Yorkers have currently confirmed cases. Also as of this writing New York has reported 19,543 fatalities.

We’ve been told that the true death rate is 7.4% in New York. We were told there would be hundreds of thousands dead.

We were told that this was worse than the flu, which has still recorded more deaths to date in this past flu season—even though the CDC instructed medical personnel to start counting influenza, heart disease, pulmonary, respiratory, drug overdose, and possibly even car crash deaths as COVID-19 deaths.

We were told that we had to upend an economy, go into solitary confinement, and divorce ourselves from normal life because this would rage beyond any previous pandemic.

We were told that this virus with 846,000 current confirmed cases was worse than the H1N1 that broke out on Obama’s watch that infected 60,000,000 people.

(We were conveniently not told that Obama had authorized $3.7 million U.S. tax dollars to be used at the Wuhan Institute of Virology to utilize corona viruses in bats in 2015 — but that’s yet another deception of omission.)

But none of these “truths” turned out to be so.

The death rate in New York State isn’t 7.4%, it is actually .75%. The recently ended influenza season numbers from the CDC indicate possibly 56,000,000 cases of flu, 740,000 hospitalizations, and 62,000 deaths. Under the current count from the Johns Hopkins Dashboard in this five month stretch CoVid19 has racked up 845,959 confirmed cases, 122,000 hospitalizations and 46,972 deaths.

A couple of other observations are extremely relevant. To begin with the flu — which has no vaccine but rather a randomized version of a shot designed to help develop antibodies to fight the version of the flu that “smart people” *think* will be the primary version that particular year — has remedies that physicians prescribe in primary care on an as needed basis.

So we’re not accustomed to thinking that the flu is this deadly killer that all of life must be shut down to prevent. CoVid19 had no known treatments at the beginning of the breakout, and for political reasons—and possibly financially incentivized ones to boot—the most effective treatment for CoVid19 became a political football. Even the supposed “negative” trials that were reported on this past weekend, had cherry picked subjects that were mostly late stage victims of the virus.

As Dr. Vladimir Zelenko pointed out on my show this week, doing so created the negative outcomes “purposefully & by design.” When used under a physician’s care, in the primary care basis, and early on after testing or onset of symptoms, the hydroxycholoroquine, azithromycin, & zinc cocktail reduced the rates of deaths and long term infectious stages. Zelenko’s numbers to date: 1,450 patients treated, two deaths, four ventilator cases (all fully recovered,) and all others recovered. Zelenko and other physicians using the treatment are releasing the world’s largest Meta-study to date within the next few days that will examine more than 2,000 confirmed cases.

The antibody numbers from Cuomo also scream one other harsh reality. The virus was in America long before January.

No thanks to the Communist Chinese Party — who bear the sole responsibility for every American who died from CoVid19 — the infection made its way to American sooner than we had believed. With three flights a day from Wuhan to New York’s John F. Kennedy airport alone the virus was being imported faster than understood.

Since going into national lockdown we’ve also failed one other key component of recovery from this virus—herd immunity. We’ve developed not nearly enough of it. For if 2.5 million New Yorkers were able to fight it off without any treatment at all—unaware they even had it—how much more immunity did we miss out on creating by simply sheltering everyone in place?

We are well on our way to a vaccine. We’ve also got a $12 treatment with the hydroxychloroquine cocktail that has smashed Brazil’s fatality rate by 95%.

Most importantly we’ve got millions upon millions of Americans who have been exposed to CoVid19 and who now have the late stage antibodies that demonstrate immunity.

It is time to acknowledge these facts, draw the necessary conclusions they lead us to, make changes for the benefit of the American people (for once), and end this nightmare.

Conservative Treehouse explained:

Interestingly, though not surprisingly, the field tests were conducted on the general public who were visiting retail supermarkets and box stores (WalMart, Target, Costco, etc.).  The resulting data falls directly in line with previous CTH analysis of human interface.

The preliminary New York results show a state-wide infection rate of 13.9 percent within the sample. Which would extend to 2.7 million people state-wide.  With that infection rate, the mortality rate from the infection would drop to 0.5 percent.

The samples show an infection rate in New York City is 21.2 percent.

(Reuters) “If the infection rate is 13.9 percent, then it changes the theories of what the death rate is if you get infected,” Cuomo told a daily briefing.

The survey targeted people who were out shopping, but not working, meaning they were not essential workers like grocery clerks or bus drivers but were more likely to test positive for antibodies than someone isolated at home, Cuomo said. (read more)

The direct result of this survey is that 14 percent of people in New York who interacted with retail supermarket cashiers were previously infected with the Coronavirus; or carried the coronavirus antibodies…

REPEATING – There are few high-traffic businesses more densely populated than grocery stores.  In fact, within the U.S. economy retail supermarkets have the highest foot traffic of any business sector in the entire economy; that’s just an empirical fact…. and the coronavirus impact increased that foot traffic by an average of 40 percent.  Now, stop and think about this logically & apply a large dose of common sense. Think about human-to-human interface.

♦First, with approximately 90 percent of the total U.S. population penetrating through grocery outlets; and with 100% of that massive number of consumers going through checkout lanes; if the COVID-19 viral strain was as significant as claimed by the worst-case data, then supermarket cashiers would have been the highest exposed profession of U.S. workers in the entire nation.  There wouldn’t even be a close second place.

Considering that metric; and considering the overall population penetration & density within the business operation; there has not been an employee-based business disruption due to the coronavirus.  Put another way: the coronavirus has not stopped the function of the highest human interface occupation in the entire U.S. economy.

♦Secondly, think about the businesses that are closed; perhaps think about your job that may have been shut down…. now frame your risk based on the supermarket example as highest human interface and highest population penetration in any business field.

If the #1 at risk industry has operated, essentially without disruption and with almost zero substantive mitigation, while carrying the largest population exposure rate, then all other less-exposed business operations would have significantly less operational risk.

Why would anyone be concerned about opening their business?

If you take the factual outcome of the retail food industry as a measure, it would follow that other than a few proximity businesses which may need prudent modifications or remain temporarily closed (ex. modified airplane seating, concerts, stadiums or capacity seating venues etc), then all other businesses should immediately resume operations.

No other business segment within the economy is as exposed to the population as the retail food business; and yet supermarkets operated without issue.

So why shouldn’t all businesses immediately get back to work?