PUBLISHED: 5:25 PM 15 Feb 2017

Cruz Takes The Congressional Floor In Response To Media, Announces New Terrorist Bill Himself

Cruz on Senate Floor

This Is An Important Bill!

One of the biggest threats to the people of the United States includes terrorist groups that seek to destroy the country and everyone inside it. Groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda have made it their life mission to destroy America and all it stands for.

They are not alone in their cause, as their recruiting methods have spread to social media. Using different sites like Facebook and Twitter, they are capturing the minds of the youth and encouraging them to commit treason. These young minds that are corrupted then leave the United States to join ISIS groups in Syria and Iraq.

ISIS always has a plan in place that is designed to destroy the very institution of America. Part of that plan includes training the corrupted people over in their camps, and then attempting to send them on various suicide missions all over the globe, including back to the United States.

That is changing soon enough as Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is reintroducing a bill that if passed, would take away the citizenship of anyone that joins terrorist organizations. In essence, people who want to throw their life away by joining these groups would no longer be considered American, a fair statement for those who commit this disgusting act.

Just HOURS Before The Final Showdown, Ted Cruz Releases MASSIVE Statement For All To Hear

Cruz Is Looking Out For The American People

His bill, aptly named, “The Expatriate Terrorist Act,” has the support of other GOP Senators, including Chuck Grassley (R-IA), and Mike Lee (R-UT). It also has the support of Representative Steve King (R-IA), as he introduced a similar bill in the House.

“The Expatriate Terrorist Act will ensure that any American who forfeits their country to intentionally join [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria] will have their citizenship stripped and won’t be able to use a U.S. passport to come back and murder American citizens,” Cruz released in a statement.

The legislation, introduced on Tuesday, is being argued as a necessary step to battle “radical Islamic terror.” Any solution should be looked at when dealing with these terrorist groups.

The bill says that anyone would have their U.S. citizenship taken away should they pledge to work, fight, or serve in the military of a group or government that the federal government declares a foreign terrorist organization. They would also have their citizenship stripped should they commit treason or try to topple the United States government. Finally, they would have their citizenship detracted should they provide material support to a terrorist group as well.

Basically, Cruz is making sure to check everything off of the list that a terrorist organization would use to fight against the United States. Having their citizenship stripped away would make it extremely difficult to go back to the United States without facing a plethora of background checks.

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It Will Be Hard To Get In The United States Again

Once it is discovered that the converted terrorists were in terror zones, it would be hard for them to get passed security. However that isn’t all that the bill would do. Cruz’s bill also calls for additional powers to be given to the United States Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State would be given the power to stop a passport from being given to someone who either joined or is in the process of joining a terrorist organization. They would also deny a passport to someone dubbed a “threat to the national security interest of the United States.”

Should that happen, the specific individual would have two months, or 60 days, to attempt to appeal the State Department’s ultimate decision. Although it would be difficult for someone to win an appeal like that if the evidence is presented in a manner like that.

The timing of this bill is also important. Right now the White House is in the middle of a legal battle about President Trump’s executive order stopping refugees and nationals from seven countries from coming to the nation temporarily.

President Donald Trump has signed an executive action restricting the possibility for federal agencies to enact new regulations

Trump Is Fighting For His Executive Order To Be Passed

Last year, Cruz floated this type of legislation along with cracking down on the acceptance of refugees from specific countries.

“Congress should act to prevent Americans who have traveled abroad for training from returning here, and to stop the flow of refugees from hotbeds of terrorism in the Middle East that President Obama is determined to bring to our country,” Cruz said last year. Ultimately Cruz is doing his best to keep the country safe. Now it’s time for the rest of Congress to act.

Cruz has introduced bills before that are designed to protect the American people. He was one of the main sponsors behind the bill to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, something that would have never happened underneath former President Obama.

While Cruz and President Donald Trump have had their differences, they appear to be working together. Cruz was part of a new law introduced that would completely defund the United Nations. Trump previously floated the possibility of removing funding from the group.

Share this article to show everyone that Senator Ted Cruz is looking to help out the American people even more. He is going to introduce a bill that would actively strip citizenship from people that decide they are going to fight for terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Now the rest of Congress needs to act on this. Time to step to the plate.