Bloodbath On Carnival Cruise

PUBLISHED: 10:38 PM 16 Feb 2018

Cruise Ship Rocked By Family Brawl, Witnesses Claim “Bloodbath”

The whole thing started with a huge family argument that got out of control.

Many vacationers had their trip ruined on this cruise as a "bloodbath" took place.

Not one day this week has gone by without seeing needless violence at places where fun, happiness, and the enjoyment of life should be displayed. There have been shootings at Mardi Gra this past “Fat Tuesday” and now the barbarism has found its way onto a cruise ship.

The Daily Star reports witnesses speaking of a “bloodbath” on a “cruise from hell” as a massive melee broke out that involved an overwhelmed security staff, punches, and weeping passengers on this Carnival luxury liner. During a time that most people would be enjoying one of life’s best vacations, some families were fighting for days on board the craft.

It all became too much as no less than 26 brawlers broke into a fight that video footage shows are nothing short of caustic. Threats were made to stab people and to throw them overboard as many passengers hid in their rooms.

The Star reported that “David Barkho got a call from 20-year-old son George,” who was on the ship when the ruckus was in full swing. He had been hurt and was clearly shaken up and frightened.  The father said that his son pleaded, “Please Dad, please, call the Federal Police.

Mr. Barkho also said, “I could hear a lot of screaming, crying in the background. He had seen a lot of people bleeding, a lot of people down on the ground.”

The “bloodbath” was a “traumatic experience” for one vacationer, according to reports. Considering that most cruises cost well over a thousand dollars to start once airfare and all things are taken into account, this was no cheap night at the fights.

A lady identified as Naomi recalled that there had been fights in the ship’s nightclub and even in the elevators the night prior. The scuffles were very long, too. “And a big fight on the lido deck, which went on for about 45 minutes,” Naomi remembered.

She also conveyed that there was “Lots of yelling people being threatened. Being called dogs in the smoking area. A pool was full of children, people were pulling their children out of the pool because they were crying and scared. Last night they attacked one of the security guards.”

While all of this only works to show how all of us are only one step away from being on the Jerry Springer Show, the reason for the fury is even more ridiculous. In true top-40 fashion, “the trouble started over a thong being stepped on – leading to an instant apology,” according to a member of the Zac family.

The battles raged so intensely that everyone was forced to endure an unplanned stop at New South Wales, Australia, in order to squelch the fighting. Carnival Cruise Line admitted that they had to take action against some “disruptive guests.”

A spokesman for the company said, “Safety is the number one priority for Carnival Cruise Line, we take a zero-tolerance approach to excessive behavior that affects other guests and we have acted accordingly on Carnival Legend.”

He added, “The ship’s highly trained security staff have taken strong action in relation to a small group of disruptive guests who have been involved in altercations on board. The ship’s security team is applying our zero-tolerance policy in the interests of the safety and comfort of other guests. Carnival Legend is currently on a 10-day South Pacific cruise scheduled to be completed in Melbourne tomorrow where the ship is currently homeported.

While claims that this was “a small group” of unruly farers is a bit of truth-stretching dispelled by the video footage, who can blame the company for trying to save face? After all, it was not they who took the high seas acting like they were raised in a sewer.

Given the violent theme all week, the world may be rapidly entering a time when no one is going to be able to go any place without this kind of thing happening.

That is far more troubling than even the “bloodbath” that Carnival just suffered.

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